6 Major Industrial Construction Projects Around the World

Industrial construction encompasses the building of warehouses, manufacturing plants, factories, power plants, and other specialized facilities.

The design, installation, and maintenance of these facilities mechanically and structurally are what constitute industrial construction. These projects often involve huge budgets and more intricacy compared to ordinary projects. For this reason, many find using technology during the process beneficial.

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This article will cover some noteworthy industrial construction projects around the world.

1.   The Jansen Potash Project

The Jansen Potash Project, led by BHP, is expected to be the world’s largest potash-producing mine. This mine will allow for the extraction of potash, a mineral used as a fertilizer for agricultural purposes, as it provides crops with a rich source of potassium.

This cutting-edge facility in Saskatchewan, Canada will function as a short-term solution to the challenge of food insecurity, increasing food output to feed growing populations. Especially in a province where farming and agriculture are integral to the economy, this project is of particular relevance, with potash being an essential link in the supply chain.

2.   Jubail II in Saudi Arabia

A proposed Saudi Arabian industrial metropolis called Jubail II has been under construction for approximately 22 years. It’s been regarded as the largest civil engineering project in the world and began its second phase in 2014.

When Jubail II is finished in 2024, it will include miles of railways, highways, and roads, 100 industrial plants, an 800,000 cubic meter water desalination facility (one of the largest in the world), and a refinery for oil with a 350,000 barrel per day production capacity.

During the busiest building season, over 20,000 construction workers are employed on a single project.

3.   The Samsung Semiconductor Factory

In today’s world, semiconductors are used everywhere, as they’re essential to the proper functioning of automobiles, computers, smartphones, televisions, and medical equipment. Despite the high demand for semiconductors, keeping up with that need has proven to be difficult, resulting in a global supply shortage.

Building of the Samsung Semiconductor Factory was expected to commence in late 2022. Despite the fact that the entire world depends on technology, Taiwan and South Korea today produce 70% of the world’s semiconductors. The purpose of the Samsung Semiconductor Factory factory is to allow the United States to start locally manufacturing semiconductors.

4.   Kashgan oil field development

Around 50 miles off the coast of Atyrau, Kazakhstan in the North Caspian Sea is an enormous shallow-water oil field known as Kashagan. An industrial construction project for field development and commercial production began in October 2016.

The North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC), a joint venture of state-owned and international firms, was responsible for the development of the Kashagan field. The first phase was built with an estimated investment of around $50 billion, making it the largest foreign investment in Kazakhstan to date.

It was built in an offshore environment and is regarded as one of the most technically-advanced projects in existence.

5.   The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor

The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor will involve 5 power projects and 24 investment regions.

This project began as a cooperative effort between the Indian and Japanese governments in 2006. The four phases of this $100 billion development are currently set to be completed in 2037. The project is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the world, with an investment of billions of dollars.

Envisioned as a high-tech industrial zone expanding through 6 Indian states, this project will be dispersed throughout a 1,500 km long Western Dedicated Freight Corridor, which will serve as the industrial corridor’s transportation hub.

6.   The Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

The Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant is an industrial construction project in Bangladesh. This 2.4 GWe nuclear power station is being built 87 miles west of Dhaka near Rooppur on the bank of the river Padma.

The first of its two units, which will be the nation’s first nuclear power plant, is anticipated to start operating in 2024. The number of workers employed during the main building phase is expected to be 12,500, including 2,500 Russian professionals.

When finished, it’s anticipated to produce about 15% of the nation’s electricity.

Industrial construction projects are the backbone of an economy

Industrial construction projects stimulate economic activity and ensure the financial health of countries around the world. These projects not only help in creating wealth, but jobs as well.

The industrial construction projects listed in this article hopefully serve to be an inspiration for similar projects in the future.

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