Buying a Kitchen Knives Set

When it comes to buying a kitchen knive set, there are a lot of choices available. You can choose between Wusthof, Zwilling, or Hammer Stahl. The knives in this set are well balanced and perform well. However, it is difficult to find information about safety or cleaning methods. The knive block looks premium, but it is not dishwasher safe. It also does not come with a safety information sheet. Still, this set matches the performance of sets that are double its price.

Hammer Stahl

Whether you’re a serious foodie or just want to impress your new wife, a Hammer Stahl kitchen knives set will surely impress. These knives are made of premium German X50CrMoV15 steel and have stylish, ergonomic contoured handles. The set comes with a 10-inch slicer, eight-inch Carving Knive, and 5″ cheese knive.

This collection is available at a reasonable price. You’ll also find that it has a variety of functions. The knives have comfortable Micarta handles and big-bellied blades that allow for edge modification while providing a good space for scooping food. This is one of the most functional production kitchen knives sets available today.


The Cangshan kitchen knives set is a high-quality set that comes with a lifetime guarantee. This warranty covers manufacturing defects as well as shipping problems. This set is an excellent option for people who want quality knives that are affordable. However, buyers should be aware of a few things before purchasing the set.

First, the set comes with TC knives, which perform well. They have semi-octagonal handles, which flare out at the top for a pinch grip. This is especially useful for people with smaller hands. Another thing that you should note is that the quality is consistent throughout the set.


A Wusthof kitchen knive set is a great way to purchase professional-quality cutlery at a price you can afford. This set features all the essential knives you need in any kitchen. It also includes an acacia wood block and stainless-steel kitchen shears. These knives are also made of high-carbon German steel, which resists stains and corrosion.

For more traditional styles, you can choose from Wusthof’s Crafter series. These knives have a very traditional look to them, with water-resistant Oak handles. Although the look alone may not justify the price, the performance of these knives makes them worth their price.


If you’re looking for a solid kitchen knive set, Zwilling may be the best option. This company specializes in creating quality knives for a great price. Zwilling knives are crafted from a single piece of German steel, which gives them a sturdy, high-functioning build. They’re available in block sets of up to 20 knives, with a variety of block sizes and configurations.

This set of knives comes with a chef’s knive, a boning knive, utility knive, and several paring knives. The blades are made of high-carbon stainless steel and can be sharpened with the included honing steel. This set also includes a block for storing and displaying your knives.


The Mercer kitchen knives set features a variety of blade shapes and materials, including German and Japanese steels. The knives in the Mercer Culinary collection are made of German steel and come with a well-balanced bolster for comfort and non-slip usage. The handles are made of thermoplastic rubber called Santoprene, which provides a comfortable grip and hygienic properties.

Mercer began as a company that provides tools for the culinary industry. Its knives are used in kitchens across the United States. The company has been a top choice among professional chefs for over 30 years. Now, consumers can purchase the knives and enjoy the same quality and service that professional chefs use.

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