Factors to Consider When Buying High Mast Lighting

Generally, high mast lighting is used to light highways and recreational fields. However, the technology has become more advanced and is now being applied in other situations.

Maintenance requirements

Typically, high mast lights are used to light large areas such as parking lots, ports, and airports. They are usually mounted on poles that are 40 to 150 feet tall.

Maintaining a high mast lighting fixture may involve changing the lamps, ballasts, or other parts. This can interfere with day-to-day activities and costs thousands of dollars in materials and labor.

Most high masts use metal halide or high pressure sodium lamps. These lamps produce whiter light. However, their lifetime has been reduced.

Other issues with high mast light poles include corrosion, loose anchor bolts, and fatigue cracking. To prevent these problems, routine maintenance is necessary.

In Florida, structural inspectors inspect galvanized poles every five years. In addition, HMLPs are required to be grounded. In addition, routine maintenance includes inspections of the lantern carriage.

These fixtures are also inspected for general condition, including the wire ropes. In addition, a junction box should be checked for loose or broken connections.

Visual inspection methods include telescopes and binoculars. However, these methods do not provide a complete picture of the pole face.

Longer life of LEDs

Using LEDs in high mast light fixtures can significantly reduce energy consumption. Depending on the product, a 750w LED high mast light fixture can save up to 80% of the power used by traditional high mast lights.

LEDs can also be expected to last twice as long as their incandescent counterparts. Besides, they do not use dangerous gases or loose filaments. Instead, they generate light via electroluminescence.

To get the best possible light output from an LED, you need to have a good thermal path from the chip to the mount. In addition, you must keep the current closely controlled. Otherwise, you risk the heat from the LED melting the circuitry.

A good heatsink should also be installed, as improperly built heatsinks can be the cause of LED bulb failure. The thermal resistance of the heatsink should be low enough to prevent thermal overheating.

A properly designed LED light can last for years. The LED package should be bonded well to the external mount to ensure complete contact.

Reduced number of tall structures required in an area

Getting a high mast lighting system for your roadways, parking lots, or even your office building can be a good idea. They are also useful for sporting and industrial facilities, and are a great way to light up your city. Putting up a tall tower has its perks, but you have to be careful about the wind. This is the reason they are often found in rural areas.

Putting up a tall mast may not be the most cost effective option, but it is definitely the best way to illuminate a big area. LED lighting is becoming the new standard, allowing for a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership. The light output is comparable to that of a traditional fluorescent lamp, but the energy savings alone are a significant payoff. It is a good idea to consult your local electrical contractor to ensure you are getting the most for your money.

The sexiest tower is a multi-tiered tower with a height of about ten feet. This makes it a good fit for a single mast application, although many cities have multiple masts for various purposes.

Impact on traffic performance, driver visibility, and illumination costs

Whether high mast lights are more economical than conventional lights is a topic of debate. Studies have found that the cost of installing a high mast system is twice that of conventional lighting.

However, the cost savings can pay for the installation in a few years. It can also justify the investment because of the reduction in accidents.

For instance, one study estimates that roadway lighting can reduce nighttime accidents by 14 percent. The lighting system must be installed in a manner that minimizes light trespass and light spillage. This is a particularly important issue in rural areas.

High mast lighting is a technology that was developed in Europe in the 1950s. It has since been used in various countries. Among the advantages of this lighting system is that it can be installed at a height of up to 160 feet. It can provide greater quality illumination than conventional lighting, which can be installed at much lower heights.

High mast lighting systems are designed to be installed at a safe distance from the roadway. In addition, shields are included in the system. They direct the light straight down and prevent the spillage of light.

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