How to Break Bad Habits: Steps to Take

Making a change is not simple. If it were, we would all be debt-free, in ideal partnerships, and in charge of the planet. And it’s obvious that’s not the case. We make bad choices out of habit, and when they don’t turn out the first time, we do them again in the hopes of getting a different outcome. Do you find this a little strange?

It usually takes at least a couple of weeks to break a bad habit. In fact, it might take up to a year in challenging situations. It will benefit you greatly once you are able to switch from your old, unhealthy behavior to a new, healthier one. Because they don’t involve thought, habits are amazing. For years, you simply “do it” until you start to break the habit once more.

Steps to take

Here are simple methods to break bad habits.

1. Acknowledgment

You need to acknowledge your habits. What precisely is this habit? How are you being impacted by this poor behavior or set of bad habits? How does this behavior impact other people? For instance, smoking frequently harms both you and other people.

2. Desire to Change

If you have a health issue, you must determine that kicking unhealthy behaviors is a worthwhile endeavor. You must persuade yourself that the work required to change the habit is worthwhile.

3. Commitment

In order to better govern your life, you must be committed to doing whatever it takes to change negative behaviors. You resolve that you will break the habit “no matter what.” You put up the effort necessary to cease it. 

Breaking gambling habits is a difficult task. It requires a lot of discipline and self-control.

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4. Progress Step by Step

It might not be as simple as it sounds to break unhealthy habits, and rushing the process can occasionally backfire. So go gently and take each step as it comes.

If smoking is a bad habit for you, you don’t have to stop right away. In fact, medical professionals will tell you to go gently. It’s incredibly difficult to go through nicotine withdrawal. 

Start by lowering the number of sticks you smoke. Find your limit, then gradually reduce your typical number of sticks each day to zero. This idea also holds true for other bad behaviors that you want to kick.

5. Stick with it

There will be times when you wonder if it was all worth it. You’ll tell yourself that changing your unhealthy habits won’t be easy and that you’re too “weak” to do it. Your former self, who was frequently so at ease maintaining poor behaviors, is making an effort to hang on. It can be necessary to use prayer and meditation to break your bad habits.

Consider the advantages of altering bad habits, the negative effects of doing nothing, and, most importantly, the value of creating new, better habits for the future.

You should promise that you will never revert to your previous harmful behavior patterns, no matter what.

6. Find a friend

Get encouragement from other people, especially those who also want to alter their life, and read about others who have succeeded in quitting undesirable behaviors.

Having a friend’s support makes it simpler to break undesirable behaviors since there is a greater feeling of commitment. If your friend is also trying to kick a bad habit, it will be much simpler and move along much more quickly for both of you.

Why do you believe there are so many support organizations out there? The more people who support you, the more likely you are to quit your bad habit permanently.


Getting rid of harmful behaviors is crucial. Sometimes, it truly is a life-or-death situation. But even if your negative behaviors are limited to foot swaying or nail biting, you should still try to break them. It will be simpler to get rid of all the rest if you pull one down. It implies that you can do everything you set your mind to.

Now that you have a method for altering any unhelpful behavior or other circumstance, you may use it to change anything. These actions might not be sufficient if you are addicted to alcohol, for example. Although you might need further expert assistance or a support group, this procedure will usually work.

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