How To Build Brand Reputation Through Valuable Content With Push Notifications?


Push notifications are crucial parts of any app’s engagement strategy. A strong push strategy boosts loyalty, retention, frequency of use, and even average session length. You can achieve this solely by providing valuable content to the user and with this, you can easily build your brand reputation. But do you know how you can build a brand reputation through valuable WordPress push notifications content? 

Well, this post will go over some best practices for building a brand reputation through valuable content with push notifications. So, let’s start!

  1. Maintain Your Relevance

The simplest way to undermine trust is to send the same notifications to all of your users at the same time. Understanding your user personas is critical to providing content that they WANT to open. Are they active on social media? Are they purchasers? Which screens do they spend the most time looking at? Do their previous push interactions indicate that they enjoy status updates or exclusive offers?

User segmentation is essential for providing valuable, relevant, and timely content. Otherwise, you risk sending generic pushes that may engage 80% of your audience but alienate the remaining 20%. Once you’ve mastered targeting, the key to a good push is conciseness.

  1. Be succinct

The length is critical. The location of your message will be decided by the display type and the device itself. Banner changes, pop-up alerts, and lock screen alerts, for example, will all limit your push to a different number of characters. This could range from 30 to 230 characters.

Before sending your WooCommerce push notifications, many push notification services allow you to preview it on various device screens and formats. Use this feature to see how your message appears to all of your users. According to a recent study, push notifications with fewer than 10 words have the highest open rate, at 8.8%. The challenge is to convey the same amount of information in 10 words as you would in 20.

  1. Timely Response

Ride-sharing apps, weather apps, and food deals are the best-performing industries, and they all have higher opt-in rates than other sectors due to the inherent time-sensitivity of their offerings. If you are not specifically in a time-sensitive industry, there are still a few things you can do to benefit from this.

Copy should emphasize the user’s need to complete the action and convey the urgency of the offer. The effectiveness of calls to action such as “redeem,” “shop now,”, and “discover,” has been demonstrated, but any word that communicates what the user must do once they are inside the app will work.

  1. Engage Older Users Again

If a new user does not return to your app within the first week, there is a 60% chance he or she will never return.

Engaging dormant users is one of the best uses for WordPress push notifications, and there are a few ways to gently remind them of what they are missing.

Use your distinctive style to evoke the benefits of your brand in the minds of users. They can not have used your app because they have been unusually busy, in which case a simple reminder may be all they need to return to their normal frequency of app use.

  1. Be Intelligent and Engaging

Every day, mobile device users of your app likely receive dozens of marketing messages. Ensure that yours stands out among the noise.

Make your voice snappy and positive by using power verbs, and use metaphors and well-known expressions to draw on the brain’s existing knowledge structures. Examine your writing and replace any generic language.

“brand new! Replaced with “These boots are made for walking. Super chic winter boots. also moving. also springing. Buy now!”

Humour can be another highly effective way to pique interest if it fits your brand.

  1. A/B testing is first

Finally, if your user base is large enough, A/B testing is essential for determining which copy works the best.

Do people react to humour and numbers differently? Long or short messages, please? Is it “ExpiresTuesday” or “Expires in 3 days”?

Before beginning a full push campaign, test your copy to ensure that your investment will result in the greatest amount of engagement. Track click-through rates and in-app activities associated with your message to gain insightful information.

WooCommerce push notifications can be a very effective engagement tool when used properly. Understanding the fundamentals of copywriting will help you increase your CTR and motivate users to take the in-app actions necessary to meet your campaign objectives.


We hope you have understood all the tips explained in this post. So, don’t forget to follow them if you want to build your brand reputation through interesting content with WordPress push notifications. Moreover, start using WonderPush for creating push notifications by following an easy procedure. 

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