How to make an easy backup in Honor 90? 

Many Android users are not well aware of the importance of backup data. Pressingly, backing up your smartphone is very essential just to ensure that your data is safe and that anyone can easily restore it in case of device loss or any damage. Sometimes, your data disappears from your smartphone and you didn’t find any suitable way to restore it.

Well, it’s not a big deal because Honor 90 offers you an easy process of backing up your entire data. In case, if you are planning to buy Honor 90 and you want to shift all data from your previous smartphone to Honor 90, then backup data proves a rescue for you. With it, you can easily transfer everything important files, documents, pictures, videos, or anything with a single click. We are here with a general guide on how to backup your smartphone easily: 

  • Google account backup: For ensuring backup from your Google account, you first need to go to the settings of the Honor 90 smartphone. After this, tap on the ‘System’ option and click on Backup (Device settings > System > Backup). After completing this process, you just need to enable the “Backup to Google Drive” option. From here, you have to make sure which type of data you want to back up. These data types include contacts, apps, calendars, photos, files, and many more. 
  • Third-party backup apps: Backup can also be done by using a third party. Alternatively, you can easily use third-party backup apps like Google Photos for media files, messages backup, restoring messages, and even Helium Backup for app data. 

Upsides of backing up your smartphone:

If you pay a little attention, you will come to know that backing up your data is very beneficial. However, the user must make sure that the backup data is secured by using strong passwords and encryption.

As there’s limited space available for backing up, so just keep checking the availability of storage to ensure enough capacity. On the contrary, backing up your smartphone serves many benefits to you: We have compiled a list of all advantages, so let’s get started now: 

  • Offers seamless device transition: 

The prime benefit of backing up the data is that it offers seamless device transition. In this manner, when you are upgrading to a new smartphone or you’re replacing a damaged one, then having a backup in your smartphone can make the transition of data smooth. By doing this, you don’t need to make any effort to restore available apps, settings, or personal data onto the new device. All the process starts to happen without any problem. This saves the effort and time of the user.

  • Device optimization: 

To start talking about the device optimization of the smartphone, backing up allows you to perform system updates or factory resets without any worry of losing your important data. In this manner, we can say that backing up gives the freedom to optimize the overall performance of your device with a fresh start. In doing so, you’ll still have the option to restore your data later.

Summing up the details:

In summary, backing up the smartphone can help you in a lot of ways. For instance, all your available data in the smartphone will be secured for a lifetime. In addition, it also saves the hassle of recovering data with a long-term process.

As per the HONOR 90 price point, the handset comes with additional features that you can’t enjoy in rival models. All the unique features and functioning of Honor 90 make it a worth-buying smartphone for people of all ages with high-end eye protection technology.

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