How To Organise Your Screwdriver Sets

Storage systems can be a great way to organise your different tools and hardware. It is easy to customise storage systems to fit your specific space. Arranging your screwdriver sets can help increase efficiency and productivity by allowing you to easily access the tools you need. It also helps keep your workspace tidy and reduces clutter.

Let us look at the steps to organise your screwdriver sets and other tools.

Create an inventory: The first step is to create an accurate inventory. This helps you determine what’s missing, what’s duplicated, and what can be consolidated or discarded. Creating a list of all tools and hardware can help in organising and tracking their usage and maintenance.

Laying down your tools allows you to see the full extent of your collection, streamline it, and create more space. It also helps you evaluate the condition of each item and identify which ones need to be repaired or replaced.

Sort your tools into groups: Sorting tools and hardware into groups makes it easier to find what you need, when you need it, and helps you keep track of your inventory. It also helps to maintain a clean and organised workspace, reduce clutter, and prevent misplacement or loss of items. Additionally, grouping similar items together save time and effort in searching for a specific tool, as you know where to look for it.

Sorting screwdrivers by size makes it easier to locate the right size for the job, saves time and reduces frustration. Keeping your screws and nails organised prevents small nails and screws from getting lost or mixed in with larger ones.

Storing tools on the wall: Storing tools on the wall is a great way to save floor space, keep tools organised, and easily accessible. Some popular options include pegboards, slatwall panels, and magnetic strips.

Some tips for storing tools on the wall include:

  • Use wall-mounted shelving or pegboards to provide ample space for tools and can be customised to fit your specific storage needs.
  • Clear containers with labels make it easy to see what is stored inside, preventing you from having to dig through multiple containers to find what you need.
  • Using magnetic strips, hooks, hangers, and baskets is great for hanging items like cords, hoses, and lightweight tools, freeing up space on shelves and in drawers.
  • By grouping tools by category or function helps you quickly locate what you need, and makes it easier to put tools back in the right place when you’re done.

Using a foam tool: Using foam tool organisers is an effective way to organise and protect your tools. Foam tool kits or other foam products allow you to create custom inserts for your toolbox or drawers, keeping tools securely in place and preventing them from moving around or becoming damaged. The foam can also be cut to fit your specific tools, maximising the use of your storage space and making it easier to locate the right tool when you need it. 

Cutting finger holes in the foam makes it easier to pick up tools, especially small ones, without having to dig through the foam or use pliers. This saves time and makes it easier to quickly locate and grab the right tool for the job. Just make sure to cut the holes in a uniform size and pattern that works well for your tools.

Storage systems can be very helpful for organising screwdriver sets and also makes it easier to quickly grab the right screwdriver for the job, saving time and effort.

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