How to Play Dragon Tiger Online at a Casino 

For gamblers just entering the online casino world in the 21st century it can be easy to think of online slots as being pretty much the only games worth playing, however just because they are the most popular, doesn’t mean there aren’t other games to sink your teeth into. In fact, one of the beauties of online casino is the fact that it makes it incredibly easy to browse through various casino games, ensuring you’ve always got something new to try out when you play new slots – view here!

For example, have you ever thought about playing Dragon Tiger online at a casino? In the Western world Dragon Tiger isn’t particularly well-known, but this traditional Asian card-based gambling game is all the rage when you travel further East. And here’s the thing: it’s a serious amount of fun too! Keep reading for an exploration into how to play Dragon Tiger online at a casino. 

Dragon Tiger: A quick summary 

So, what exactly is Dragon Tiger? It certainly has one of the most exciting names throughout the casino gambling industry, which is actually a big reason why so many new gamblers decide to give it a go. As its foundations Dragon Tiger is essentially just a simplified version of baccarat, made to be even more appealing to beginners, as well as gamblers looking for a cheap and easy casino thrill. 

Dragon Tiger is played using a 52-card deck, and the game starts with the gambler placing a simple bet on either the so-called Dragon or Tiger. The dealer then places two cards on the table – one for the Dragon and one for the Tiger – and the highest value wins. There are three possible outcomes: the Dragon wins, the Tiger wins, or it is a draw – simples! 

A few Dragon Tiger top tips 

As you can see, Dragon Tiger is an extremely simple casino game to play, and that is one of the main reasons behind it’s immense popularity for beginner gamblers especially. There aren’t a lot of things you have to remember during Dragon Tiger, although this doesn’t mean that there aren’t various things you can do to improve your chances of winning. 

Take a look at a few Dragon Tiger top tips: 

  •       Budget strictly: Because of Dragon Tiger’s simplicity and the speed at which it can be played, gamblers may find themselves surging through their bankroll quite quickly. It is therefore critical that you maintain strict budgeting whilst playing Dragon Tiger.
  •       Be wary of the tie bet: Although the pay out from the tie bet on Dragon Tiger is extremely tempting, gambling experts suggest staying away from it due to the higher house edge. 

Things to look out for when playing Dragon Tiger at an online casino 

Dragon Tiger is an extremely old gambling game, however it has received a well-needed upgrade at online casinos. Watch out for a few of these things when playing Dragon Tiger online at a casino: 

  •       Side bets: Dragon Tiger is traditional casinos is usually extremely simple, but at online casinos there can be more side bets to check out.
  •       Deposit offers: You would be a fool not to take advantage of some of the tantalizing deposit offers available at online casinos nowadays.

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