How to Throw a Banging Tailgating Party

Will you root for the Chiefs or the Eagles during the 2023 Superbowl? Not sure? You might be among the many Americans choosing between supporting the commercials or the hot wings this February!

Luckily, you don’t need to know a thing about football to throw a banging tailgating party that guests of all stripes will enjoy!

The key to a great pre-game celebration is forethought. Do you have a plan for a tailgate fête packed with delectable tailgating foods and plenty of team spirit? If not, it’s not too late to prepare for the big game!

We’ve created this guide packed with party hosting tips to help football novices host a tailgate party that even diehard sports fans will never forget. Read on to learn how great hosts help their guests support their favorite sports teams.

Plan Ahead for Success

First, choose the sporting event your guests will be enjoying. You can find sports tickets online or catch the big game on TV.

It’s easier to plan an exciting tailgate event if you know how many guests to expect. Determine your guest list in advance, if possible. You might want to assign each guest or group of guests something to bring, from ice to paper goods.

A tailgate party typically begins before the game, but many Superbowl parties continue until the game is over. Choose a start time early enough to allow guests to chat and mingle before the game begins. Make sure you plan a menu that will keep guests fed for several hours.

Set the Menu

Because of the time of year, most Superbowl parties take place indoors, not out in the parking lot of a stadium. Still, the main course at most tailgate parties includes grilled favorites like burgers, hot dogs, and chicken. If you don’t want to don a hat and coat to flip burgers in the snow, prepare your barbeque in the kitchen—we promise not to tell!

Chicken wings and other appetizer-style finger foods are the most popular fare at your average tailgating party. Football fans collectively consume over 1.4 billion wings on Superbowl Sunday!

Stock up on crunchy snack foods like chips and dip. You might want to sneak a few healthier choices onto your menu, too. Charcuterie boards and vegetable platters with hummus are popular.

Keep the Drinks Flowing

All sporting events are more fun when the spectators are a little tipsy! You might ask all of your guests to bring a six or twelve-pack of beer to share with the group. The host can provide soft drinks or specialty drinks, such as an alcoholic punch or sangria.

Host Your Best Tailgating Party Ever

You don’t need to talk the talk to host a tailgating party that will get every sports fan on your guest list hyped for the big game. A great party is all about delicious food, cold beer, and fantastic company. Whether you’re watching the game or biding your time between commercial breaks, your party will keep everyone fueled until the final quarter.

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