How To Use Text Marketing to Boost Business Sales

How To Use Text Marketing to Boost Business Sales

In today’s digital age, businesses must constantly innovate and find new ways to engage their customers. One effective way to do this is through text marketing. Text marketing, also known as SMS marketing, is a powerful tool that can help boost sales and improve customer engagement. This article will discuss the tips and benefits of SMS marketing for businesses.

How to Use Text Marketing

1.     Build Your List

Gathering many mobile phone numbers for a mailing list is the first stage in text marketing. For example, you can provide a discount or freebie in exchange for a mobile phone number to receive text alerts about sales and other promotions. Customers’ phone numbers can be collected in-store or online.

2.     Segment Your List

After compiling your list, it’s crucial to divide it into subgroups based on client actions and preferences. You can then send your customers more relevant and personalized messages.

You can divide your list into subsets based on the goods and services your clients have already purchased. You might also divide your list according to geography or other demographic data.

3.     Personalize Your Messages

Another way to make your text messages more effective is to personalize them, which means using the customer’s name or other personal information.

Personalization can help make your messages more relevant to the customer and can help improve engagement. Studies have shown that personalized messages are more likely to be read and acted upon than generic messages.

4.     Offer Incentives

One of the most effective ways to use text marketing is to offer incentives to customers. This could include discounts, coupons, or other special offers that are only available to subscribers.

Offering incentives can help motivate customers to make a purchase and can help build loyalty over time. Regularly offering special deals to your text subscribers can keep them engaged and encourage them to make repeat purchases.

5.     Timing is Key

Timing is an important factor in text marketing. You want to ensure you send messages at the right time to maximize their impact. For example, sending a message at 3 am will likely be ignored or even annoying to customers. However, sending a message during lunch or in the early evening can be more effective when people are more likely to check their phones.

6.     Keep Messages Short and Sweet

When it comes to SMS marketing, less is usually more. Your communications should be brief and to the point. Consumers don’t want to read a wordy, full-screen message. Instead, you should strive for 160 characters or less communication and get right to the point.

Benefits of Text Marketing:

1.     High Open Rates

One of the primary benefits of text marketing is that it has high open rates. Unlike emails, which can often end up in the spam folder or be ignored altogether, text messages are almost always opened and read. This means that text marketing messages have a higher chance of reaching customers and driving sales.

2.     Cost-Effective

Text messaging is a low-cost alternative to traditional advertising, and text marketing is a low-cost alternative to more conventional types of advertising like television and print media. Businesses widely use MMS texting services because they make sending large attachments like photos and mass texts at an affordable price.

3.     Immediate Results

Another benefit of text marketing is that it can deliver immediate results. Unlike other marketing strategies that take days or weeks to show results, text messages are delivered instantly and can generate immediate responses. This can be particularly useful for time-sensitive promotions or limited-time offers.

4.     Improved Customer Engagement

Text marketing can also improve customer engagement. By sending personalized messages and special offers, businesses can build stronger customer relationships and encourage them to make repeat purchases.

Things to Know Well About Text Marketing:

1.     Permission-Based

It’s important to note that text marketing is permission-based and this means that businesses must obtain explicit consent from customers before sending them text messages. Customers must opt-in to receive text messages and businesses must make it easy to opt-out anytime.

2.     Compliance

Businesses must also comply with regulations regarding text marketing. In the US, text messages are regulated by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Businesses must follow these regulations, which include obtaining consent and opt-out instructions in each message.

3.     Targeting and Segmentation

To be effective, businesses must also target and segment their text marketing messages. This means dividing their subscriber list into smaller groups based on customer behavior and interests. By targeting specific groups with relevant messages, businesses can increase the likelihood of generating a response.

4.     Tracking and Optimization

Businesses must track and optimize their text marketing campaigns. This means monitoring their results and making adjustments to improve their effectiveness. Businesses can optimize their campaigns and achieve better results over time by testing different types of messages, times, and frequency.


Text marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses boost sales and improve customer engagement. By building a targeted list of subscribers, segmenting your list based on customer behavior and interests, using MMS texting, personalizing your messages, offering incentives, timing your messages correctly, keeping messages short and sweet and constantly testing and refining your approach, you can create an effective text marketing strategy that delivers results. Don’t forget to obtain permission to send text messages to your subscribers and make it easy for them to opt-out anytime. With the right approach, text marketing can be an effective and cost-effective way to drive sales and improve customer loyalty.

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