Lost Your Car Insurance Copy? Here’s How to Retrieve it Online Quickly and Securely

Have you bought a new car? Get it insured as soon as possible, as it is mandatory in India and offers protection. Road accidents in our country are an everyday story; about sixty accidents happen in one hour, on average, so it becomes essential for your car to get insurance.

You can now get car insurance online using any mobile app, making it easy and accessible to all drivers. Car insurance becomes a crucial aspect of responsible ownership, road safety, providing financial help and legal compliance.

A legal provision covered under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 includes the registration of the vehicle, a valid driver’s license and insurance cover, which has to be taken compulsorily. The requirement in terms of insurance is that the vehicle must at least have third-party legal liability insurance before coming on the road.

What do you mean by Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a protection instrument that helps you cover your financial losses if you are involved in an accident or if the vehicle is damaged. There are premiums that you have to pay monthly or annually, depending on your insurance plan.

You can insurance download app and get it done online, making the process incredibly convenient and simple for you. You should always look around, compare and then decide the insurance plan you want to buy.

What are the advantages of having car insurance?

●     Wide coverage

You can have insurance that offers broad coverage for third-party and your damages, covering your injury and vehicle repair costs, saving you a lot of money and guarding you against unseen financial stresses.

●     Customizable

The insurance download appcan customize your insurance plan depending on your needs, whether you want a basic plan or additional charges like comprehensive, collision or extra protection for your valuable items.

●     Legal compliance

Accidents can land you in stressed legal battles, and having insurance protects you and helps you get out of them peacefully. The right insurance will also cover your unseen legal fees and share your burden.

●     No-claim bonus

Some insurance companies even offer no-claim bonus, i.e., if you did not claim your insurance for the whole year, you get a bonus as a discount on your premium.

●     Rental coverage

Some insurances also cover rental charges; if your car has gone for repair, the rent charges are covered in it. This allows you to cover your extra unaccounted charges.

How to check car insurance online?

You can find your car insurance policy number by  following the steps given below:

  1. Log into your insurer’s website or app, and the insurer has a separate portal where you can check your policy.
  2. After logging in, you will find it under the “My Policy” section.
  3. Other than that you get the copy from different apps by entering your vehicle’s registration number.

How do you retrieve your lost insurance copy online?

You need not worry if your insurance copy gets lost as you can retrieve it from the insurer’s website or their app or get it through your email.

You can access it in your account under the “My policy” section. I recently lost my car insurance online copy and got it quickly by accessing the Bajaj Finserv app as I availed insurance from them only.


No need to panic in case you lose your insurance policy, as now it is extremely easy to retrieve it via the insurer’s app or website! Losing or misplacing your policy is acceptable; what is not acceptable is not getting insurance.

 With insurance comes a wide range of benefits that can be availed, as mentioned above. So, if you got a car recently, or if your policy has expired, get it insured and re-insured at the earliest.

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