Lulu Mall Bengaluru Photos – A Shopper’s Paradise

Nestled in the heart of Bengaluru, Lulu Mall Bengaluru Photos is more than just a shopping destination – it’s an experience. Spread across 14 acres, this mega mall by Lulu Group International offers world-class retail, dining, and entertainment all under one roof. Since its launch in 2021, Lulu Mall has emerged as one of the most popular malls in the city.

Let’s take a photo tour of this shopper’s paradise and see what makes it so special. Lulu Mall EntranceLulu Mall’s grand entrance welcomes visitors

Lulu Mall Bengaluru Photos

Stores and Shopping Experience

With over 130 national and international brands, Lulu Mall is a haven for shopaholics. The mall boasts an eclectic mix of fashion, accessories, electronics, home furnishings, supermarkets, and more.

The 5-floor mall has a built-up area of 7,90,000 sq ft with ample space dedicated to the massive Lulu Hypermarket. Other major stores include Shoppers Stop, Max, Reliance Trends, Westside, and Decathlon.

Lulu Mall Interiors Spacious interiors of Lulu Mall shoppers can find everything from daily essentials to high-end luxury items. Some stores like the Lulu Connect gadget store even offer price matching with online rates.

The mall also regularly hosts exhibits, sales, and events to keep the shopping experience fresh and exciting for customers.

Overall, Lulu Mall delivers a world-class, convenient shopping experience catering to diverse tastes and budgets.

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Lulu Mall Bengaluru Photos

Lulu Mall Bengaluru Photos: Entertainment and Leisure

Beyond shopping, Lulu Mall packs a punch when it comes to entertainment as well. Home to the largest indoor entertainment zone in Bengaluru, Funtura, the mall guarantees a memorable day out for families. Funtura spans 60,000 sq ft filled with rides, games, and attractions for all ages. Some key highlights include trampolines, bumper cars, roller coasters, VR experiences, rock climbing, and more.

Lulu Mall Funtura Kids enjoying the rides at Funtura entertainment zoneAfter exhausting the rides, families can catch the latest movies at the 11-screen PVR multiplex with IMAX. The mall also has plenty of dining options at the food court and restaurants.

So whether you’re looking to shop, eat, play games, or watch movies, Lulu Mall is a complete package for a fun day out.

Lulu Mall Bengaluru Photos – Key Facts

Here are some key facts about Lulu Mall Bengaluru:


Opposite Sujatha Theatre, Rajajinagar


10 AM – 10 PM (11 PM on weekends)

Built-up Area:

7,90,000 sq ft

No. of Floors:


No. of Stores:

130+ stores and 17 kiosks

Key Stores:

Lulu Hypermarket, Shoppers Stop, Max, Westside, Reliance Trends, Decathlon, Lulu Connect


Funtura zone, 11-screen PVR multiplex

Food Court:

17 outlets 1000+ seating capacity


Chaayos, KFC, Dominos, Burger King and more


Space for 1700+ vehicles

Year Opened:

 October 2021

Developed & Managed By:

 Lulu Group International

Lulu Mall Bengaluru Photos

Why is Lulu Mall Famous in Bengaluru?

Ever since its launch, Lulu Mall has emerged as one of Bengaluru’s most visited malls. Here are some key reasons behind its soaring popularity:

Massive Size:

At 14 acres, it is one of the largest malls in the city catering to thousands of visitors daily.

Hypermarket Format:

 The unique hypermarket format offers everything under one roof.

Great Prices: 

Lulu Hypermarket is known for competitive pricing attracting bargain hunters.


The Funtura zone and cinema make it a complete family entertainment destination.

Strategic Location: 

Situated near Yeshwanthpur railway station, the mall is easily accessible.

International Brands: 

The availability of popular Indian and global brands is a major highlight.

Regular Events & Exhibitions: 

The mall hosts numerous events adding to the excitement.

Dining Options: 

From the massive food court to branded restaurants, it is a foodie’s paradise as well.

Luxury Shopping Experience: 

With ample space, international designs, and helpful staff, Lulu Mall offers a world-class shopping experience.

Lulu Mall Bengaluru Photos

what are the entertainment options available in Lulu Mall Bangalore?

Here are some of the key entertainment options available at Lulu Mall Bangalore:

  1. Funtura – This 60,000 sq ft indoor entertainment zone is touted to be the largest in India. It includes thrill rides like roller coasters, bumper cars, adventure rope courses, trampolines, 9D theater, VR games, etc. There are also games and activities for younger kids.
  2. Cinepolis Multiplex – The multiplex at the mall features state-of-the-art technology and screens the latest movie releases. It promises a great cinematic experience for movie lovers.
  3. Events and Exhibitions – The mall regularly hosts events like fashion shows, concerts, fests, etc. Recently it hosted artists like Sunidhi Chauhan. So there is always something exciting happening here.
  4. Signatures Restaurants and Cafes – The mall has over 23 dining outlets. The signature restaurants and cafes provide visitors with a great eating-out experience in a stylish ambiance.
  5. Leisure and Relaxation – Visitors can also indulge in leisure activities like getting spa therapies, working out at the gym, etc. These facilities promote relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of the mall.

Lulu Mall caters to the entertainment interests of all age groups with its gaming zones, rides, movies, events, and relaxed dining. The scale and variety of offerings make it a complete family entertainment destination.

Lulu Mall Bengaluru Photos

what are the ticket prices for funtura in Lulu Mall Bangalore

 Here are the key details on Funtura ticket prices at Lulu Mall Bangalore:

  1. Funtura offers exclusive packages with discounted pricing when you get a Funtura card. These include:
  • College Student Package: Rs. 700 per head
  • KG to Std 2 Student Package: Rs. 450 per head
  • Std 3 to 4 Student Package: Rs. 550 per head
  1. Individual ride ticket prices are not listed on the Funtura website or in the search results.
  2. However, according to the YouTube video, some sample ride prices are:
  • Roller Coaster: Rs. 250 per person
  • Bumper Cars: Rs. 150 per person
  • Bowling: Rs. 150 per game
  • Trampoline: Rs. 150 per person
  1. There seem to be special deals and discounts offered regularly. For example, unlimited rides for Rs. 699.

Ventura offers package pricing for students that allows unlimited rides at discounted rates. Individual ride ticket rates vary across rides like roller coasters, bumper cars, etc with sample prices between Rs. 150 to Rs. 250 per person. Special deals are also offered frequently. Getting a Funtura card allows you to take advantage of regular discounts and offers.

Lulu Mall Bengaluru Photos

what are the different types of entertainment packages available for funtura in Lulu Mall Bangalore

here are the different types of entertainment packages available for Funtura at Lulu Mall Bangalore:

  1. Student Packages:
  • College Student Package: Rs. 700 per head for unlimited rides
  • KG to Std 2 Student Package: Rs. 450 per head
  • Std 3 to 4 Student Package: Rs. 550 per head
  1. Individual Ride Tickets:
    Prices vary across rides like roller coasters (Rs. 250), bumper cars (Rs. 150), bowling (Rs. 150), etc.
  2. Special Deals and Discounts:
    These keep getting offered such as unlimited rides for Rs. 699.
  3. Funtura Card:
    Getting a Funtura card allows you to avail discounts and offers on rides before they expire. This seems to be the most value-for-money option.

Is Lulu Mall India’s Biggest Mall?

With its vast size and offerings, Lulu Mall Bengaluru may seem like the biggest mall in India. However, it is not the largest shopping mall in terms of built-up area.

The title for the biggest mall in India goes to LuLu International Shopping Mall in Kochi. 

From 17 acres, LuLu Mall Kochi has a total built-up space of over 18 lakh sq ft compared to Lulu Bengaluru’s 7.9 lakh sq ft.

Some other contenders for the largest malls in India include DLF Mall of India in Noida (2 million sq ft), Phoenix Market City Mumbai (1.6 million sq ft), and Viviana Mall in Mumbai (1.2 million sq ft).

So while Lulu Mall Bengaluru has emerged as one of the most popular malls in South India, it is not the country’s largest mall by size. However, it scores big when it comes to the shopping and entertainment experience.

Lulu Mall Bengaluru Photos: Which is the No. 1 Mall in India?

While Lulu Mall leads in Bengaluru, Phoenix MarketCity claims the top spot nationally as the best mall in India. In Mumbai, Phoenix MarketCity stands out for its size, location, brand mix, footfalls, revenue, and consistent growth. Key highlights cementing its no. 1 position:

  • Massive built-up area of 1.6 million sq ft
  • Strategic location in Mumbai’s upmarket Kurla area
  • Over 500+ brands including Zara, Mango, H&M, Pantaloons, Lifestyle, and more
  • 20+ million annual footfalls
  • Constant growth and innovations in offerings

Phoenix MarketCity edges ahead of its competitors by providing a world-class retail environment and unmatched entertainment including luxury fine-dine restaurants and Mumbai’s largest IMAX screen. While Lulu Mall excels in Bengaluru, Phoenix MarketCity is a cut above the rest as the numero uno shopping mall on a national level.

Final Thoughts

With its vast size, hypermarket format, entertainment zones, dining, and global brands – Lulu Mall delivers an international standard, one-stop shopping and leisure destination right in the heart of Bengaluru.

While it may not be the biggest mall nationally, it has secured its place as a must-visit lifestyle hub for anyone living in or visiting the city. With ample parking, a prime location, and regular events, Lulu Mall offers unmatched retail therapy for shoppers of all ages and interests.

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