Motion Boom Plus – Soundcore’s New Outdoor Speaker

It is a visually very similar, larger version of the Motion Boom. In addition to a strong, powerful sound, including bass boost, the company wants to convince with long battery life and practical outdoor features, such as dust and water resistance.  Here are its popular features.

Design and Build-Up:

Soundcore goes for a rather angular and cuboid design with the Motion Boom Plus. The wireless bluetooth speaker is 14 cm deep, while the height is almost 20 cm due to the carrying handle. The latter stretches over the entire width of just under 39 cm and has an eyelet at each end to which the carrying strap can be attached. Furthermore, the handle is slightly ribbed, which makes the Motion Boom Plus easier to hold on the go. Hard plastic is used throughout, only covers, such as the ports on the back of the feet, are made of rubber. Since the latter protrudes a bit, the speaker can also be placed at an angle.

Overall, the design of the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus is rather plain and simple. The speaker is completely black, which even applies to the logos on the handle, both sides, and the back.

Easy Setup:

The wireless bluetooth speakers can be operated directly on the device or also on the smartphone. The buttons are placed centrally on the upper side and are thus easily accessible. Since their number is manageable, the buttons have to be pressed several times for some actions. This is sometimes a bit awkward but can be neglected since most users probably operate the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus via their music app anyway. The buttons themselves are rubberized, have a good pressure point, are not too hard to press, and are not too easy.

  • Good Sound, Even At High Volume:

Sound-wise, the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus is noticeable for its size. The sound can be described as detailed, clear and also voluminous. It also has a relatively spatial effect, even though this is only possible to a limited extent for a single speaker. Overall, we like the sound, and it lives up to the price. The wireless bluetooth speakers enables a very high volume, which is more than sufficient indoors in most cases and is also well suited for garden parties or evenings with friends in the park or at the lake. Even with increasing volume, the sound quality remains good as long as you don’t fully exhaust what’s possible here.

  • Battery Life:

Soundcore claims a long battery life of up to 20 hours for the Motion Boom Plus. The Motion Boom Plus can also be used as a power bank with its 13,400 mAh battery and thus charge other devices, such as smartphones or headphones. A USB-A output that supports Anker’s own fast charging technology PowerIQ is available for this purpose.


Overall, the Motion Boom Plus is a good and attractively priced wireless bluetooth speakers. This one offers the consistently good sound quality, a long battery life, and the possibility to charge other devices and is also robust, dustproof and also waterproof. Overall, Soundcore offers a lot at a low price, so we can clearly recommend the Bluetooth speaker. If you’re still looking for a bigger speaker for upcoming barbecues, festivals or other occasions, you should take a look at the Motion Boom Plus.

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