Review of Under the Oak Tree

Under The Oak Tree is a webtoon and webnovel. It follows Maximilian, who grew up being abused by her father because she stutters. This leaves her with an inferiority complex and lack of self-respect. She eventually finds love in a boy named Jeff Gentner, who proposes to her under an oak tree.

Riftan kills Maxi

The scene where Riftan lays down Maxi to die is chilling. He leaned back against the tree, tilting his chin to meet Maxi’s. His accusatory tone terrified Maxi. She shifted in his arms. The scene is also reminiscent of “Fear the Witch,” where the witch kills Riftan’s father.

This beautiful fantasy novel is a love story that combines fantasy and romance. The story centers around Maximilian Calypse, an elder daughter of the Duke and married to the knight Riftan. Her husband, a man named Riftan, is on a mission to destroy the Red Dragon Sektor. However, on the night of their wedding, he abandoned Maximilian.

At first, Max was a complete doormat. She was used to being abused by her father and the other members of his court. However, she eventually starts to take control and fight back. Riftan is a stern but fair person who has experienced many horrors. Nevertheless, he has no right to kill Maxi. He considers it a form of theft and damage to her.

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