Shoes Fairs

In my apparel, shoes come first among the complements. Shoes are one of the leading products, whether it’s a morning walk on the weekend or you’re showing up at an elegant invitation. There are different shoe models for each use. Even sports shoes alone appeal to many other branches with their models with additional features. A shoe with a different quality for running, a different model for basketball, and a completely different product for walking. Undoubtedly, fairs are the ideal showcase for various alternatives shaped according to needs. Shoes fairs are the organizations with the highest demand. Many other brands, models, and manufacturers appear at these special events. It offers the chance to get to know the shoe models more closely. It is possible to buy at low prices with unique campaigns at these events. Shoes fairs are distinguished by their various features. One of the most ambitious fairs on this subject is the Aymod Shoe Fashion Fair.

Shoes Paradise Aymod Shoes Fashion Fair

Aymond Shoe Fashion Fair offers an excellent opportunity to find solutions to your shoe needs, to catch the fashion in shoes, and to get out of the coverage of specific brands by meeting with new manufacturers. The fair, which is unrivaled in terms of quality and diversity, has a broad audience; It also offers the opportunity to establish new collaborations. The event has continued uninterruptedly for 33 years and is held twice a year in Istanbul. Bringing the Turkish shoe industry to one of the most influential showcases, the organization maintains its position as the most exclusive and most efficient event among shoe fairs with its international dimension. Issues such as ticket purchases and detailed information for the fair, which will be held at the World Trade Center Fairground between February 1 and February 4, can be accessed via the In addition, there are different public transportation options that offer easy access to the fairground.

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