Simple Tricks for Overcoming Dental Anxiety

We would all want to have a dental routine where we take care of our oral health daily through brushing twice and flossing monthly. That is, taking a dental appointment and actually visiting the professional.

Unfortunately, many of us suffer from dental phobia, whether it is a pain factor or the claustrophobia of being trapped in a chair while a masked man with their examining tools (which look nothing short of torture tools) poking inside your mouth.

Yes, that is exactly what many patients go through in a dental clinic daily, their own version of a nightmare.

What Is Dental Anxiety

Before we discuss the solution for getting rid of this anxiety, let us understand the cause of it. Here are some of the reasons why we suffer from dentophobia. Now, not all dental fears are phobias.

A prominent distinction is an irrational fear. Phobias are often caused after exposure to trauma. So, if you have had a bad experience in the dental chamber or watched something, it can stimulate the phobia.

When you have dentophobia, you will not only be terrified to go to a dentist, but even the mention of it can cause panic. You will fear thinking about the experience or exposure to even the tools in pictures. This is somewhat irrational since thoughts cannot provoke physical pain.

Simple dental anxiety is a fear caused by the following reason:

· The pain during and after the treatment.

· A lack of control for being stuck on the chair.

· Not knowing what you are going to endure next.

· Witnessing the whole thing even if your mouth is numb.

How To Get Rid Of Your Dental Anxiety

Here are some of the prominent reasons we should be able to get rid of the dental anxiety within us and move on.

1. Find The Right Dentist

The right dentist will make you feel comfortable, and you can express your fear in a much safer place. Dentists are also trying to make dental care units more comfortable for their patients.

For example, providing the patients with headphones, a blanket, and a comfortable chair for the treatment to proceed. You can find the best dentist and Top Doctor in Dubai to help you ease your anxiety.

2. Talk About Your Fears To A Therapist

If you suspect that you might be suffering from dentophobia, then don’t be too hard on yourself. Book your next appointment with a therapist because you may need Cognitive behavioral Therapy. They will be able to emotionally analyze the reason behind the phobia and how to cope with the triggers.

3. Find A Relaxing Coping Mechanism

Therapy can be for everyone who suffers from this anxiety, but a good dentist can also provide you with a good coping mechanism. This should include first getting into the specific area of fear and either seeing whether the trigger could be managed or absolutely avoided by the doctor. For example, many do not like the idea of witnessing dental tools. Therefore, many dentists will ask the patients to put on an eye mask and a headphone to relax the mind first.

4. Arrive Early To Your Appointment

Suppose you are already rushing in fear of missing out on your appointment, which could add to your anxiety. On the day of your appointment, take your time to relax and prepare yourself for the appointment. Have some warm beverages recommended by the dentist before the visit, and then walk to your appointment with tranquility.

5. Take Someone Alongside

If you are still nervous about your visit, take someone alongside. A good part about every dental treatment is that you will be allowed with you. Sometimes, all you really need is someone to hold your hand, and your fears are quite at bay.

6. Have A Signal

Just because you took an appointment doesn’t mean at times of utter distress, you have to sit through the dental checkup. Communicate your fear to the dentist, and remember to give them a signal each time you start feeling claustrophobic or the pain is too much. A good dentist will stop or try to ease your pain as much as they can.

Try Overcoming Your Fear!

Dental phobia is an inconvenience because dentist appointments are crucial. Therefore, rather than keeping it aside, you should work on it and try your best to overcome it.

Many have done it before you, and so can you for keeping that beautiful smile intact.

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