Sour Tsunami Seeds: Buying Guide and Cultivation Tips

Sour Tsunami is a popular strain among hemp enthusiasts worldwide. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain packing a lot of potency. The CBD and terpene profile is diverse, making it a perfect strain for both recreational and medical use.

Most people prefer buying pre-rolls and edibles that are ready for direct use. Some enthusiasts purchase buds or flowers and roll joints at home. However, nothing beats the satisfaction of buying Sour Tsunami seeds and setting up a small backyard garden.

If you want to grow Sour Tsunami, you are in the right place. The guide will offer cultivation tips and what to consider when sourcing quality seeds.

Understanding Sour Tsunami Seeds

Sour Tsunami is bred by crossing the Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel strains. What makes this strain a darling to many hemp users is its CBD-to-THC ratio. The strain packs high levels of CBD and a tiny amount of THC, giving you the best therapeutic effects minus the risk of getting high or addicted.

The quality of the seeds will depend on the source. It’s essential to source them from reputable breeders or seed banks known for their quality genetics. Ensure that the breeder prioritizes testing and research to ensure that the seeds you buy will produce plants true to the Sour Tsunami phenotype. 

Growing Sour Tsunami: Cultivation Tips

With your seeds in hand, it is time to prepare for the planting season. First things first, ensure that the climate is suitable before you start prepping the ground. Sour Tsunami thrives in warm climates with plenty of sunlight. Invest in high-quality farm lights to mimic outdoor conditions if you plan to grow your seeds in a greenhouse.

Also, ensure that the soil has all of the required nutrients. You can take soil samples for your garden for a lab test to determine if the nutrient profile is correct. Hemp plants don’t need too much nitrogen as it will promote vegetative growth over flowering.

Take care of humidity issues once the plant starts maturing. This can be an issue if you grow your Sour Tsunami indoors. High humidity levels can cause diseases such as molding, which will destroy your crop. 

Regular pruning is also crucial to boost the quality of your yield. Trim away excess branches and leaves to promote aeration and light penetration. Pruning also will reduce the risk of pest attacks and diseases while promoting bud development.

When to Harvest

Flowering will start happening after two to three months. Sour Tsunami produces thick buds with a gooey resin cover. Once the trichomes start appearing cloudy, it is time to harvest. This is a sign that the buds have high CBD levels. 

Once you harvest the buds, store them in a dark room with low humidity to avoid bacteria and mold growth. If the temperature is too high, you can set up a fan to promote air circulation in the storage area.

Summing Up

Growing your own Sour Tsunami hemp flowers will give you fulfillment and satisfaction. You will also be in charge of the products used for pest control, ensuring that your crop is 100% organic.

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