The DDM4A1 – One of the Most Iconic AR15s Of Recent Times

For those of you out there who are in the market for a reliable, high-performance AR15 rifle, then you have to give some thought Why? Well, before we even get into the details, it’s been the choice of US special forces for many years and was one of the most iconic weapons used during the ‘War On Terror’.

The reason why the weapon fared so well in what are quite harsh environments in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria is that the manufacturers – Daniel Defence – designed it to be able to withstand even the most challenging of conditions. The innovative structure of the rifle allowed it to remain reliable in arid regions that are almost bereft of moisture. 

DDM4A1 Specifications

The truth is, this rifle was something of a ‘hero’ weapon during these forward operations and the specs on offer should appeal to non-military gun owners. While it’s an AR15 that will get special ops veterans all misty-eyed, the DDM4A1 has a 14.5-inch pinned and welded barrel, with an extended flash suppressor, making a total overall length of 15 inches.

This is a point of interest to any civilian wanting to own the rifle, as its specifications mean that it doesn’t fall into a category that’s covered by the National Firearms Act (NFA). It’s legal to own, without going through the hassle and expense of getting an NFA stamp.

Reliable, Ambidextrous and Super Accurate

There are a number of reasons why this rifle has been so successful in the field, but the main factor seems to be the quality of both the upper and lower parts of the weapon. The upper features the super-useful RIS II rail system – a big leap forward for rail systems – and an ambidextrous safety catch, making it ideal for all you left-handers out there. 

The gun also has a military-spec trigger, along with DD’s proprietary pistol grip and butt stock, making it a very nice weapon to handle.

Very, Very Accurate 

We tested the weapon on a 50-metre range and we can tell you that the groupings we got were nothing short of staggering. The worst groupings were no larger than ¾ inch, whereas the best were under ¼ inch – which is the best we’ve ever seen. 

What’s more, the 32-round magazine means you’re not forever loading and reloading – which is crucial in those critical life and death moments. 

The DDM4A1 : A Wise Choice For a Variety of Purposes 

The great thing is that this great rifle is not exclusively available to the military, meaning that it’s a viable option for gun owners, for a range of purposes. Well built, intuitively designed and reliable and great in conditions that would likely stop other AR15s in their tracks, it represents a wise choice.

So, before you go for something else, we recommend that you at least consider this great Daniel Defence product and see how it measures up. A few hundred thousand special ops personnel can’t be wrong, right?

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