The Full Function of iTop PDF

The most popular file format today is PDF, and we frequently run into situations where we need to perform simple tasks, like merging or splitting PDFs, but our standard PDF readers are unable to do so because they aren’t designed to allow you to edit PDF files; rather, they are here to allow you to examine those documents.

Let me introduce you to iTop PDF, a powerful tool that enables you to quickly and easily combine, split up, compress, unlock, watermark, rotate, and convert PDF files to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and JPG files.

  • PDF editing tools from iTop PDF

The entire set comes with a variety of tools, each of which is described in the post below.

  • Combine PDF

You may use the tool to combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF document. The documents may be dragged and dropped into the desired sequence, or you can upload them in the order you wish them to be combined.

  • Slice a PDF

The device allows you to cut up the PDF file and extract the desired pages, as its name implies. By displaying the number of pages, you can create split degrees, and you can then automatically combine all the splits into one record.

  • Constrict PDF

The compression tool enables you to optimally reduce a PDF file’s size while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. There are three different compression levels available: extreme, recommended, and low.

  • Word to PDF conversion

You may convert a PDF to Word using the pdfescape. You won’t often notice any changes because the conversion was done so well, and the WORD report will seem just like its PDF equivalent.

  • PowerPoint to PDF conversion

It is possible to convert PDF files into POWERPOINT presentations, with each page of the converted PDF serving as the content for one slide.

  • Excel to PDF conversion

Given that your PDF files include tables and data that can unquestionably be converted into EXCEL files, the EXCEL converter also functions as an appeal.

  • PDF to Word conversion

WORD documents are converted to PDF format, which is the finest format for sharing reports through email or the internet.

  • PowerPoint to PDF conversion

Similar to this, it transforms PowerPoint presentations into PDF layouts, with each slide representing one page in the PDF file.

  • PDF to Excel conversion

allows you to directly convert your spreadsheets and whole EXCEL records into a PDF file format.

  • From PDF to JPG

This tool helps you extract the pictures one by one from the PDF document by converting each page of the PDF file into a JPG image.

  • From JPG to PDF

A rigid JPG photo file may be converted into a PDF report. You may choose a margin and an orientation for them with ease. Once the pictures are uploaded, you may add them or rearrange them.

  • Number the pages in the PDF

You may add web page numbers to your PDF document using this excellent application. Page numbers can be placed facing pages or on an empty page. When inserting page numbers, you may choose the area of the web page range on the page as well as how many pages to include. Additionally, you might choose a typeface, its size, and the format for the page numbers.

  • PDF Watermarks

A PDF document can have watermarks that are entirely text-based or entirely image-based. Both the font’s size and length are adjustable. Additionally, you may choose the precise position for your watermark and rotate it to a few conventional degrees.

  • Activate PDF

By using this program, PDF documents may be made password- and security-free and have their security removed.

  • Flip a PDF

The PDFs can be turned to the proper orientation. The system recognizes and rotates the PDFs into the proper orientation mechanically.

For about an hour, all of the converted PDF files are accessible for download from the iTop PDF servers. If you choose to sign in for a provider, you will have additional benefits like two hours of storage and other useful equipment capabilities without having to pay a penny. You can even select a paid account, which once more adds more features and advantages. iTop PDF is a fantastic set of tools that may be easily accessed when you are at a crossroads.

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