The tech innovations that fuel the industry

Online gambling, like any online industry, lives and dies at the hand of the tech behind it, whether hardware, software or anything in between.

With the explosion of growth in iGaming, improvements of all manners to the tech behind the largest casinos have aided the end-users experience tenfold, perhaps even more than that.

Blockchain and Online Gambling: A match made in heaven

Crypto and online gambling: both have exponentially risen on essentially the same wavelength since their inception in the early 2000s, playing a large role in each other’s success. Crypto stands to gain the extra traction of hundreds of thousands of transactions and online casinos feel the luxury of extra security in the design of digital coins: blockchain.


Whenever large amounts of funds are being staked or generally moved around, cryptocurrency becomes an incredibly useful asset. Whether you’re an enthusiast of sports betting or simply a fan of online blackjack Australia, the added cybersecurity of using crypto is almost essential.

Thanks to all of this is, inarguably the largest player in the game: Blockchain The online bookkeeper provides more security in their nature thanks to the increased safety built into their connection with the high-functioning ledger and crypto-wallet functions.

Resolution: accessibility and the 4k camera

Just a few short years ago, full HD (1080P) was the standard resolution for all sorts of viewership, whether on a TV in the living room or a desktop computer’s monitor. Nowadays, even 8K is becoming a possibility for the domestic user, with internet speeds faster than ever.

On that note, real-time blackjack and poker tables are beginning to step their game up. With the increase in quality in the overall video content of the internet, online casinos have taken this as a good sign that upgrades were needed to their video production.

Many now opt for at the very least full HD, 60FPS streaming of their most popular games, slowly upgrading their cameras to eventually be able to handle even 4k monitors. This is naturally a great step in the right direction for online casino providers and the end-user’s immersion.

AI-Assisted gaming: The Overlay

Just like any other gamer, the interface or heads-up display (HUD) is an integral part of the online gambler’s experience. After all, who wouldn’t want some extra info about their gambling?

More relevant for the poker or blackjack player’s game than any others, the HUD now available in many online Casinos enables the player to get more information about their game. This can be the chance of a winning hand or the past actions of other players in the game, yet another asset streamlined for a better player experience.

RNG technologies: humble beginnings

Starting out as a generator in the lumbering Ferranti Mark 1, generating only 20 bits at a time, random numbers have fascinated the world for about as long as we can remember. Advanced mathematical algorithms, which are capable of processing some truly out-of-this-world calculations and spitting out a random number to boot, are a more recent endeavour.

Applications in iGaming

It’s clear to see that as online gambling advances in age, so do the complexity of the games on offer and the need for increased randomness. Rather than a simple 3×3 reel/row setup popular in the past, modern software producers have developed games with numerous reels, rows, and special mechanics that make your head turn. This, of course, is only possible with the advent of more and more computational power.

Although the specifics on which random number generator is used are usually a company secret and, honestly, not too important, the general advancement in tech is more imperative. Online casinos can more seamlessly than ever adjust the odds of their most popular machines, whether roulette or pokies and allow just the perfect amount of chance.

Mobile innovations

Part of the allure of modern life is the portability to take it with you wherever you wish, a fact which has never been more truly aligned with the modern online casino industry. Many of the most popular moves in iGaming have been to do with reach and engagement, two statistics easily explored with the advent of more mobile wagering.

Software optimization means that more than ever, our mobility is expanded to any direction we wish to take it. Whether on holiday in a five-star hotel enjoying a room service meal or receiving a world-class massage, your online casino experience never fails to follow you.

Keeping you connected

This, of course, would be impossible without the back-end tech that supports not only your brand-new  5G connection and phone, but the casino’s ability to optimize its apps for your usage. The modern age is one of portability and digital casinos are pioneering the field.

No slowing down…

In an industry like online gaming, as interconnected to technology as it is, innovation is key. Thankfully, there is no sign of stagnation for the behemoths behind our online gambling, and likely will not be soon if things continue looking up.

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