Things to Know About Hiking Shorts

Let’s Go Hiking

            If you decide to go hiking, one of the things you must first think about is what you will wear. You could wear shorts or pants, long-sleeved shirts, or short sleeved shirts. There are other outfits that you can wear, as well. 

            If you choose to wear shorts, you need to wear the best ones for you. You can find the best hiking shorts by doing an internet search. This will help you to find what to look for when you are looking for them.

            This article will help you to learn about what to look for in a pair of hiking shorts. It will help you find the right ones for you. You can also do more research to find the information that you need.

What to Look For

            Types of Shorts –

            Traditional and trekking ones are those that you would typically see on the trail. These are best suited for longer those longer treks or weekend hikes. They have some features that are in common that are listed below.

  1. They have a thicker fabric that is usually nylon to help with the wear and tear that goes along with hiking.
  • They might have more pockets so that you can carry things such as snacks and other small items. These pockets may have zippers or snaps to keep things inside.
  • They tend to have longer inseams to provide more coverage.
  • They probably have integrated belt loops to help for a better fit.

Trail Running or Distance Hiking

There are other options for you besides the ones listed above. These are better suited for running on the trails or for hiking greater distances. You want similar things from them for these two activities. Some traits that you want are below.

  1. They should be breathable.
  • They should be quick drying.
  • They should be lightweight.

Some of these can come with an interior liner that allows you to not wear underwear if you choose. They might also have elastic waistbands and ties instead of belts and belt loops. These can make them more comfortable for the long run.

            Lifestyle Shorts

            These are meant to look good more than they are to be functional for your hike. They are made from nylon blends and sleeker styling. They might be water-resistant, but they lack some of the other features of hiking shorts. This could include zippers for pockets and cargo pockets.

            Inseam Lengths –

            Inseam lengths are mostly a matter of what you like and what you don’t. Some lengths will be more comfortable for you than others. There are lengths for everyone.

            Short (<8 inches)

            This length is usually at least a couple of inches above the knee. A general consensus is that short shorts are less than 5 inches. These are more lightweight and allow more movement at the knee.

            Medium (8 inches to 10 inches)

            This length is slightly above the knee to slightly below the knee. This is the most common length for most people. They offer you a compromise for skin exposure, breathability, and weight.

            Long (10> inches)

            This length is for those people who don’t want to expose their skin because they are typically at mid-knee to below the knee. Sometimes the manufacturer will also make the crotch baggier for more comfort. They will be heavier but offer more pockets that are usually larger.

            Features –

            Hiking shorts have many features – some that have been mentioned already.

            Sun Protection

            Most items of clothing will offer some degree of sun protection. Hiking gear usually comes with extra protection because they are made that way by manufacturers. This can include an ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF: You want the highest number available because the higher the protection level.

            Water Protection and Dry Time

            Water resistance and dry time can be important when it comes to hiking shorts. You want them to be water resistant, but you should know that all clothing will get wet if it is raining hard enough. You really want something that will dry in a short amount of time.

            Pockets –

            Pockets are important in shorts because you always need a place for a snack or other small items that you want to carry along with you. Some of the features that people want from pockets are below.

  1. Number of pockets – for a typical hike, four or five pockets is the minimum that is needed.
  • Size and depth of pockets – you want the pocket to be comfortable enough to keep your hands warm but not too cavernous that you lose things.
  • Types of pockets – there are many types of pockets, and they should all be included if possible. See here to learn more about the types of pockets. You want to have handwarmer pockets, cargo pockets, and rear pockets just as a beginning.


            You want to make sure that you have a pair of hiking shorts that are comfortable for you. What is comfortable to you might not be comfortable to someone else. There are many features that can determine how comfortable they can be.

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