Tips to Find CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Notes

It’s essential to have detailed notes for each topic in CBSE Class 12 Chemistry, so that you can learn every topic clearly. NCERT books are an excellent source of notes for every topic, and previous year papers are also an excellent source of study material. Also, make sure that you have timetables and don’t allow yourself to be distracted while studying.

NCERT books provide detailed notes on every topic

NCERT books for Class 12 Chemistry are an excellent source of study material for the examination. They contain detailed notes on every topic and are considered the bible of chemistry. These notes are comprehensive and contain notes in the native language. They also provide examples and diagrams for students’ understanding. The notes are easily understandable and are very helpful in clearing the concepts. They are especially helpful for UPSC aspirants. The UPSC examination includes Chemistry as one of the optional subjects, so it’s essential for them to be well-versed in the subject.

Previous years’ papers are an excellent resource for students

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry previous year question papers can prove to be a huge asset for students preparing for their exams. Not only can they familiarise students with the exam pattern, question paper marking scheme, and answer choices, but they can also learn how to manage their time during the examination. Using previous years’ papers is an effective revision method and must be an essential part of a student’s exam preparation. Besides helping students with problem solving skills, previous years’ question papers also help them determine the level of their knowledge and understanding. They can also help them focus on the sections of the syllabus that they are weakest in. This helps students gain confidence and get rid of the fear of exams.

Timetables are an important tool for students during board exam preparation

Timetables help students focus their learning and revision time. They help students manage their time effectively and identify weak areas. Students should create a timetable based on all the subjects and topics they will be tested on during the exam. It’s important to note the number of days left before the exam to plan the time effectively. Timetables can help students plan their daily activities and stay motivated to study for upcoming tests. Timetables are often created by instructors and include important dates for projects and exams. The students can use these dates to determine their study time, as some classes will last longer than others. They can even share the timetables they create on social media to stay motivated.

Avoid distractions while studying

Keeping away from external distractions is essential for effective revision. Avoiding cell phones and social media apps while studying will help you stay focused. Avoiding these distractions is a key factor in achieving success on your exam. Distractions from these sources can lead to frustration and stress during the examination. To avoid this, make sure you study in an area with sufficient lighting, sit in an appropriate position and avoid using your mobile phone except to look up specific topics. If you must use your phone or laptop, make sure you keep it in your pocket and out of sight. Avoid eating or drinking anything while you are studying, as this will lead to fatigue. Time management is another key to success. Developing a schedule helps students manage their time effectively and avoid distractions. Set aside a set amount of time every day for studying different topics. This will ensure you get more done in less time. Remember to review your notes each day, and apply strategies taught by your teachers to improve your results. Also, set a time for yourself to reward yourself for your hard work!

Studying from course books

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry course books are an excellent way to study for the board examinations. These books contain examples and practice questions that are easier to understand. Many of the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry course books are available at attractive discounts online. Sastabooks, for example, has a free return policy and offers all CBSE books at the lowest prices. CBSE Class 12 Chemistry notes are not only useful for board exams, but they can also help you with NEET and other competitive examinations. CBSE Class 12 Chemistry course books include the syllabus for each subject, which is divided into sections like Organic, Physical, and Inorganic. By knowing what is expected of you in each chapter, you’ll be motivated to study harder and do better.


MCQs are a great tool to help students study effectively. They provide an easy way to practice the material and ensure that students understand each topic thoroughly. They also provide a great tool to practice eliminating the incorrect answers and building a strong base of knowledge. By focusing on the basics, MCQs make it easier to score high marks on the upcoming exams. MCQs are best used for revising the topics and concepts for the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry board exam. By practicing MCQs chapter by chapter, students can become familiar with important concepts and improve their speed.

Reference books

Reference books are a great way to learn about a subject you are struggling with. A good book will provide you with a thorough overview of the subject, including key concepts and important questions from previous years. It will also provide examples and problem-solving methods that will help you master a vast range of topics. The best reference books for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry will cover the theory in a way that is easy to understand. It will also have a comprehensive question bank. You can also opt for an optional book like Arihant’s Previous Year Question Bank. A good online book store for CBSE books is Sastabooks. They offer the best prices and have an easy return policy.

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