Top 7 advantages of QuickBooks Hosting with the right hosting provider

QuickBooks Hosting provides an all-in-one solution for accountants and CPAs, allowing small businesses to access QuickBooks desktop software from any Internet-connected device. With many QuickBooks hosting companies, finding the right hosting provider for your business can be difficult.

Most hosting companies advertise cheap pricing options, but you’ll be surprised by hidden fees when you pay. To avoid being overcharged, it’s important to know exactly what you’re paying. The key to finding a good QuickBooks hosting provider is understanding the various features offered in their hosting plans.

A good QuickBooks Cloud hosting provider should be agile, improve collaboration and workflow. Here are some things to keep in mind before choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider so that you can be confident that the company you choose is the right fit for your small business.

Secured backups

A secure backup protects your data. A good hosting provider will back up your data and store it in a secure cloud-based vault. Automatic backups should be performed daily, with more frequent backups available if desired.

Server availability

Experienced hosting providers guarantee server availability and also think about the impact of downtime on serving your customers and running your business. Find a hosting provider that guarantees 24/7 availability of their servers, so you don’t have to worry about connectivity issues.

Additional data security

A data breach can be devastating to your business and your customers. Find a hosting provider that’s committed to security with firewalls, antivirus technology, multi-layered access controls, and encryption to protect your sensitive data. Providers must manage all upgrades and perform regular backups to ensure that all data is continuously stored and archived.

24/7 active support

Among the most important features of a good QuickBooks hosting company is 24/7 support. If something goes wrong, they will fix it as soon as possible. Find experienced and knowledgeable hosting staff to solve your problems in real-time.

Seamless installation

Installation should be seamless, free, and automatic. It should be as simple as providing a licensed copy of QuickBooks and letting your hosting provider do the rest.

Remote access

Find a provider that lets you access your data anytime, anywhere, on any device. No need to worry about connectivity issues. The right provider will help you to access your QuickBooks files from anywhere with the help of Desktop in the Cloud just with an internet connection with top-notch security.

Simultaneous access

When you are running a business with your team members working from a remote location without hampering your productivity, you need a hosting provider who lets you access your data files simultaneously. Keep in mind that you need to be able to access your hosting environment remotely and be able to run apps at the same time.


Hosting QuickBooks with an Intuit Authorized Service provider such as Apps4rent helps you with many different services to migrate google workspace to Office 365 and lets you completely virtualize your business.

These providers provide services that come with some great benefits for the end-user. For instance, you can benefit from automatic updates and remote access, multi-user access, and the ability to share files at any given time. Plus, your employees will be able to collaborate in real-time.

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