Treasure Trove of Vintage Collectibles – Nautical Antiques Edition

Whether you crave a century-old cutting board, aluminum Champagne bucket, or Majolica pie keeper, this editor-beloved resource carries a full selection of vintage and antique tableware. The wares come in thousands of current and discontinued patterns, too.

Former owner Mary Jo Murray left a loyal following, and new owner Joanna Young keeps it going with a whimsical mix of paintings, furniture, and objects d’art. She also carries vintage clothing, a passion of hers.

Maritime Collectibles

As with any category of collectibles, the condition is a major factor in an object’s value. While some serious collectors will tolerate a few dents or scratches here and there, a well-preserved item commands more value than an object with significant damage. Generally, in the maritime and nautical category, damaged items are those with cracked or discolored glass, dented metal, warped wood, missing or broken pieces, and other signs of compromise.

One of the oldest utilitarian categories, marine antiques typically fall into a few broad groups. Among the most common are paintings, ship models and navigational instruments, mariners crafts and equipment, and content from ships themselves. The best and most valuable examples of any of these are those with a high degree of historical significance.

It is commonly portrayed on television shows that people will pay astronomical amounts for antiques and nautical items, but anyone who has spent time in this niche knows such portrayals are highly inaccurate. With a little time and effort, however, a collector can acquire items of real value while spending a reasonable amount of money.

A good place to start is with a professional appraisal, as a trained appraiser can help you better understand what an item may be worth in the current market. Keeping a bound notebook to record details about an acquired piece and any research you may have done in relation to it is also a great way to manage your collection.

Those looking to invest in fine, high-end nautical antiques will likely want to make their way to booth number 115 of Trailside Treasure (Yarmouth Port, Mass.). A longtime dealer and a member of the American Shipwreck Association, this resource has a wide selection to offer. It includes plates and platters in thousands of styles and patterns, from current offerings to discontinued ones such as Majolica; silverplate items including pitchers and a century-old cutting board; and even items from the Titanic, such as a rare aluminum Champagne bucket and a Majolica pie keeper.

Also worth checking out is the booth of Ryan M. Cooper of Nantucket, a member of the ASCA who has been dealing for 40 years and showed with the show since its inception. Cooper carries a vast assortment of items, including a figurehead from the schooner Minnie, which sold for $27,500.

Ships & Boats

The thrill of finding a kitschy-cute find is intoxicating. It’s what makes antique and thrift shops so much fun to explore, and the joy doesn’t have to end when you leave the store. In fact, there are plenty of places online where you can browse a curated selection of these highly covetable vintage collectibles. From vintage pixiware to Lefton pink poodle chef pieces, these sites will fill your cart and fill your walls with a delightful reminder of yesteryear.

Many of these specialized websites offer items you won’t find in your local stores, and you can even get advice on caring for your finds. It’s like having a personal curator for your collection! And best of all, it’s a lot cheaper than hiring an interior designer.

A trip to a reputable antique shop or thrift store is always worth the effort for serious collectors. Whether you’re looking for furniture, china, jewelry, or knick-knacks, these dealers have a passion for their craft and are willing to go the extra mile to find the perfect piece. They also have the knowledge to help you care for your treasures and preserve them for the future.

There are plenty of antique dealers who specialize in maritime treasures. Tin Shed Nauticals and Antiques boasts the largest maritime collection east of the Mississippi and stocks everything from decorative signs to old charts. Meanwhile, a Brimfield favorite, Retsyo (Oyster spelled backward), carries antique oyster tins, peppy pennants, and retro souvenir t-shirts.

Other antique and thrift shop enthusiasts curate their collections to focus on a particular style or period of collectibles. For example, a dealer specializing in antique quilts will curate their offerings to feature the highest quality pieces and donate a portion of each sale to women’s causes. Another dealer focuses on Americana and vintage décor, offering items such as antique quilts, Depression glass, and rusty tinware.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for nautical collectibles is to trust your intuition. The items that speak to you are the ones that are most likely to become part of your collection. So be patient and keep exploring to discover your next treasure.

Seafaring Collectibles

As any collector knows, condition and quality are important to the value of a nautical collectible. Serious collectors seek pieces that are in good shape and free of dings, scratches, and missing parts. These pieces are often crafted with care by craftsmen, so any flaws mar the beauty of the item. It is also true that many maritime items are in high demand and that a piece’s value may fluctuate over time.

For example, a compass might not retain its original price tag in the years that follow its manufacture, but its rarity and beauty can make it an exceptional find. Other factors can also influence the value of a seafaring object, such as its association with a famous event or era. The antique dealer who specializes in a particular field will have a keen understanding of these fluctuations and how to best judge the worth of a collectible.

The Essex Saybrook Antiques Marketplace dealers understand these nuances of the collector market and provide their customers with a wide selection of fine maritime objects. The store promotes a rented dealer space system and offers the option to sell consignments as well. They also offer restoration & repair services, making the Antiques Marketplace one of the most diverse antique shops in New England.

In addition to ship compass, binnacles, and lanterns, this shop features many maritime antiques that are humbler in appearance but important in history. Among these are fids, tools traditionally made of wood or bone that were used for splitting rope, holding open knots, or punching holes in the canvas. The Essex Saybrook Antiques Marketplace also has an excellent collection of seafaring books.

Ryan M. Cooper of the eponymous Ryan M. Cooper Maritime Antiques was another dealer who did brisk business at the show. He offered many interesting items, including an Alexander Henry breech loading bow whaling gun patented in 1865 and winning a gold medal at the Edinburgh International Fisheries Exhibition in 1882. He also exhibited a Sailor’s Valentine folk art piece, which sailors carved for their loved ones aboard ship.

Shipwreck Collectibles

For anyone who loves exploring yard sales, antique stores, or just generally rooting around other people’s junk, the seafaring-themed items at this Harpersville, Pennsylvania purveyor could be right up their alley. This boutique features an eclectic mix of antique furniture, nautical treasures, and curiosities that would be at home in a dreamy rustic-themed bedroom or living room.

The store focuses on selling high-quality, authentic antiques and collectibles, with special attention to maritime items. The shop’s inventory varies from furniture to decorative items and even rare finds like vintage books and antique cartoon characters. Their extensive selection of antique maps and navigational tools is also a draw for many customers.

If you’re looking for something specific, the team here will happily search through their extensive inventory to find it. They’re constantly expanding their selection and often travel to auctions and estate sales to keep up with the latest offerings. They also have an online storefront that makes it easy for shoppers to browse their inventory from the comfort of their homes.

This shop is a true treasure trove of vintage goods. Its collection of maritime items is as varied as its customers. The shop sells everything from old-fashioned sleigh bells and sailor-themed decorations to antique maps, nautical charts, and other historical documents. The staff here are helpful and friendly, making this a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a unique piece of history to add to their home.

Located in a historic lumber, maritime, and automotive industry building, this Bay City institution features classic creaky wooden floors and gorgeous features like decorative tin ceilings. It’s the ideal place to explore and get inspired for your next project. This antique shop is home to more than 350 dealers, all of whom are experts in their field. In addition to period pieces, this antique mall is a great choice for anyone who wants to buy a unique gift for someone else.

The shipwrecks that Rockstar added to the shoreline of San Andreas in yesterday’s 2022 update are a fun way to add to your collections while enjoying GTA Online. These repurposed wrecks look more like boats than underwater ships, and they’re accompanied by Treasure Chests that will reward you with in-game cash and RP if you move over them. Only one Shipwreck will wash ashore each day, and players can track their progress in the Interaction Menu’s Daily Collectibles tab.

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