Uber Eats Drivers: 7 Easy Ways to Make More Money


Uber Eats remains a popular service for delivery drivers and hungry customers. On average, delivery drivers earn $15 hourly, and the potential to make more always exists.

Top cities for this service include:

  • Miami
  • Atlanta
  • Washington, DC
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • New York City

Drivers in other cities can capitalize on the service, especially if less competition exists within it and with other delivery services.

For example, marketing your services helps potential customers realize that it exists in the area.

  1. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Successful delivery drivers for Uber Eats figure out how to optimize their time and routes. Each driver also figures out how to provide outstanding customer service.

Customers have a say in how much each driver makes since they rate them. The goal is to speak with your actions so that customers highly rate your service every time.

Keeping your impeccable ratings pushes you to the top of the list for customers who pay to receive from the best. Thus, you’ll make more money.

  1. Manage Expenses

Uber Eats drivers incur several expenses, such as:

  • Gas costs
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle costs
  • Commercial insurance costs
  • Equipment purchases

Drivers can also invest in branded equipment that shows customers their commitment to the service.

Entrepreneurs must manage their expenses since most are variable. The more you deliver, the quicker your vehicle will need maintenance and the more gas you’ll buy.

Drivers who figure out how to manage their expenses will spend less and earn more income.

  1. Know the Market

Savvy workers will become familiar with the market. They’ll explore their local area and understand its makeup.

Office workers commute for their jobs. Workers for Uber Eats can do the same. Some will earn more money by working in downtown areas with several multi-office units. Thus, they can bundle orders.

Ideally, you’ll come across bundled orders to the same building and earn more in one hour than several hours in a residential area.

Another option is to work in areas that have several hotels and motels.

Selfgood provides additional Uber Eats driver hacks to consider.

  1. Pick Your Route

Once you learn more about the market in your area, you have the information needed to pick your route.

Veteran drivers point out that it’s best to set delivery boundaries. Although a delivery 20 miles from your current location will pay more, it doesn’t make sense to take it if it’s an outlier.

It’s OK to work a 10-mile radius. It also makes sense to work within a 20-mile radius with high concentrations of people, restaurants, and office workers.

  1. Work When Demand Increases

The busiest times to deliver food occur during mealtime windows, especially lunch.

If you want to avoid lag times, make yourself available to work between 11 am to 2 pm. Depending on your area, consider also working the dinner shift.

After spotting delivery patterns, capitalize on the opportunities.

  1. Cash In Driver Promotions

Like other food delivery platforms, Uber Eats must keep its customers happy. Even when a customer orders food during the late hours, the service tries to find a driver to deliver it.

Otherwise, it sets a bad precedent and provides a negative customer experience. Thus, the platform incentivizes drivers to work odd hours in less populated areas.

You might experience more lag time but cashing in on driver promotions is another way to make more money.

It’s possible to increase earnings when no one else is working, especially during the holidays, since people still need to eat and will place orders for delivery.

  1. Refer Your Friends

Many technology startups grew through referrals. For example, Paypal famously offers users a $10 credit for each friend that signed up. Then, Paypal also gave the friend a $10 credit.

Savvy entrepreneurs develop their sales skills and increase them by adding referral abilities.

Uber Eats offers drivers the option to increase their earnings by referring others. Log into the app and send the invitations. When someone redeems the code, the service will add to your earnings.


Uber Eats allows drivers to earn more money through promotions and referral code redemptions. In addition, drivers learn how to become successful entrepreneurs by managing their expenses and picking the best routes. Once drivers put together these elements, they will make more money through the platform.

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