6 Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Everything in your house has a lifespan; after a certain point, you may need to look into either replacing certain items around your home or renovating them. Windows come under the replacement category. Anytime you feel the windows look worn, old, and rusty, it’s best to replace them before they deteriorate entirely. Numerous factors impact a window’s integrity, including the weather. In places like North Carolina, in the city of Asheville, even though the weather is mild throughout the year, the short and cold winters and the humid summers can impact your windows, causing them to become weak with time.

So, the question arises, when should you replace your windows? Timing is important. The last thing you would want is to replace a perfectly pristine window or neglect it until the window becomes a menace to deal with. Hence, here are some signs you should watch out for and look into replacing your windows immediately:

1.   The Window Gets Stuck

Operating a window shouldn’t be a challenge. You should be able to close and open your windows seamlessly, but if it doesn’t budge from its position, you may need to get it fixed. When a window exhibits resistance, you may be up against rust, worn-out nails, or a faulty hinge, all of which need immediate replacement. However, don’t attempt to fix the window on your own. Your lack of experience can make the problem worse.

You may accidentally damage the window frame or cause a mess that may require elaborate repairs. Replacing a single window in North Carolina can cost about $600, but if you’re proactive about getting the window fixed on time, you can drastically cut down the price. Hence, considering these factors, you should contact Asheville window replacement experts and allow them to professionally replace your windows effortlessly. Sometimes a window may also get stuck if it hasn’t been installed correctly, so speak to a professional and fix your windows.

2.   You Feel A Draft

The purpose of a window is to keep the cold air out. So, if you feel a draft, this entails that the insulation around your window has depleted and needs to get fixed. During the winters, the cold breeze can make your house externally chili. You may be tempted to crank the radiator or turn up the thermostat to combat this, but this will only mess with the HVAC unit. So don’t let this problem linger, and get your window fixed. It would help if you had a weather-tight seal that would cover and prevent air from seeping in from anywhere.

At the same time, this rubber will prevent air from leaving your house if you turn on the air conditioner. While it may not seem much, repairing your windows can help you save on electricity. Unless you’re prepared to deal with a high bill, get your windows repaired.

3.   The Outside Noise is Louder

If you can hear the traffic, airplanes, and animals, your windows need to be replaced since they aren’t doing their job well. If your windows allow noise to pass through, the glass may be damaged, the window pane has a gap, or the insulation has gotten loose. In all these cases, you may need a new window. Remember that you cannot wholly soundproof your house, but you can minimize the noise levels immensely. To do this, you need to opt for a window with thick glass, which will act as a barrier between the noise. Going for an airtight window can also reduce the noise if you’re looking for absolute silence. You can also get a window with a thick pane in an attempt to soundproof your house more.

4.   Noticeable Decay

Mold and rot are signs of visible damage. If you have been through a recent flood or water leak, then there is a high chance that mold and rot may develop. Furthermore, mold is also a biohazard. Inhaling these spores can impact your breathing and make you sick. Following this explanation, don’t delay getting your windows fixed. If your window pane is made from reinforced wood, the decay will slowly cause the entire structure to disintegrate. Don’t let the situation get worse before you call for help. For extra precaution, you may also call in an exterminator to ensure all the mold has been cleared off and there are no lingering spores.

5.   Condensation on the Windows

When windows get foggy or condense, you may need to replace them. Condensation is a common phenomenon in double-panned windows. This is because they usually have a layer of gas trapped between them to improve insulation. Certain windows also have a thin film installed between them to reduce heat loss further. So if you see mist or fog, this indicates that the film is damaged and the seal is corroding. Double windows are also lined with silica desiccant; the purpose of this absorbent is to prevent moisture from building between the panes. Hence, you must get a new double-panned window anytime you see condensation.

6.   The Glass is Broken

Your window may break for several reasons. One of the leading causes of shattered glass is thermal expansion. When there is an immense temperature difference between the external and internal environment, it impacts the glass, causing it to shatter. The first sign of broken glass is cracks along the window; if you allow this to fester, the cracks may become deeper and cause the window to shatter. Broken windows are a security hazard.

Furthermore, it also encourages wildlife and insects to enter your house. So, if you see a possum or a raccoon, know they came in through the window. If you have seasonal allergies, a shattered window can cause your condition to worsen. In conclusion, a broken window infers that you need to get a new window.

Final Thoughts

It would help if you were vigilant about your windows. There comes a point where your windows may need replacing, especially if they look worn down and damaged. Windows play an essential role in your house’s infrastructure. They ensure that the temperature in the house is uniform, no intruders are entering your premise, and above all, they keep you away from the outside noise. But once you see cracks, mold, and fog, it’s time to dig into your pocket and get your windows looked at. While it may be costly, getting your windows sorted before the situation worsens is the best way to handle this situation.

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