100+ Happy Durga Puja Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Durga Puja Wishes and Messages: Durga Puja is a colourful and joyous festival. This festival is celebrated on the arrival of Goddess Mother Durga. This festival is called one of the religious festivals. On this day good dishes and sweets are prepared and everyone is eagerly waiting for his arrival. The main purpose of this festival is only to spread the victory of goodness and love in society.

Everyone in the world enjoys this festival. Another purpose of this is that you need some wishes and messages of Durga Puja to wish your close loved ones, relatives, friends, and your family.

Here are some of the Durga Puja messages and wishes that you can send to your family, friends, and relatives to make your day even more colourful.

Happy Durga Puja Wishes

“Celebrating Durga Puja! Hoping for your passion, success, and power in your world!”

“May Ma Durga give you all progress and success. Should my greatest pleasures for Durga Puja.”

“Hoping you and your household a happy and joyous Durga puja! happy Durga puja wishes”

“Celebrating Durga Puja. May the colourful holiday produces pleasure and delight in everyone’s time.”

“Wanting you a beautiful Durga Puja complete with comfort and success. Most real choices to everyone.”

“May Goddess Durga shower our world with love and success. Happy Durga Puja my love!”

“Joyful Durga Puja! I believe this Durga Puja is chock-full of joy and lovely consequences for you. May Goddess Durga give you great strength, success, and happiness.”

“May goddess Durga grant you with Her passion and benefit. Celebrating Durga Puja everyone!”

“May the grace of Durga forever stay among you all. Celebrating Durga Puja to everyone feasting!”

“May the Goddess preserve you and your people from injury. Hoping you a bright Durga puja.”

“May the perfect favour of Maa Durga ever remain including you and your household. May Maa Durga praise you.”

“Holding you in my experience is the most important benefit of all. I prevent blessing Maa each year because of this good. Joyful Durga Puja to my loved one! Happy-Durga-Puja”

“It is present to greet Maa Durga and praise for all the beauty and good – she has approved us completely the time! Let’s perform this Durga Puja a great unity.”

“Let’s appreciate the colourful moment of Durga Puja including your relatives and enjoyed items. Happy Durga Puja.”

“I want the benefit of Maa Durga to fill your day with peace and success. Happy Durga Puja 2021.”

“I need Maa Durga to hold the sunrise of your time. Hoping everyone has a pretty Durga Puja.”

“May goddess Durga preserve you from each disaster outward beyond and lead you anywhere you go, whatever you prepare. Happy Durga Puja.”

“Receive my friendly notes for the expected Durga Puja. Stay safe and become a joy among your relatives and buddies. May the benefits of Maa Durga eternally stay with you.”

“The mesmerizing music of Dhak is suggesting to us alone that Maa is becoming already repeat. I want your love, comfort, and happiness on this joyous moment of Durga Puja!”

“Times are pleasant, days are larger colourful now. Life appears to become placed on a new appearance as Maa Durga is all set to grant us alone once over. Happy Durga puja!”

“Make yourself the various amazing holiday on land. Don’t disregard to obtain as several choices as you can. Because, my love, it’s all due accurate! Happy Durga Puja!”

“I believe Maa provides you with the strength and power to meet all the differences in time and baths your time with endless laughter. Hope you have a very pleasant Durga puja! Maa Durga puja promises”

“May you become the biggest Durga Puja this age. May the benefits of Maa clears you continuously to the state of permanent peace. should have a fabulous experience with your family!”

“Allow going of all of your concerns. Place a laugh behind your appearance because the goddess Durga has appeared to get your life especially wonderful. Happy Durga Puja 2021!”

“The goddess of energy, power, and honesty has appeared already to repeat with the hope of a joyous year before. Greet her with the light of your mind and let the installation work!”

Durga Puja Wishes for Him

“May the Goddess Durga improve our time with respect, love, and prosperity! Happy Durga Puja!”

“At this moment, I am pleased to Maa for transferring you inside my personality. May Maa shield you from the harmful one and washing you with her goods.”

“You are the various particular spirit in my experience. I appeal to stay with you always. Most real choices to you on this unique opportunity.”

“May this Puja take out the most beneficial in you and support you to convert a more qualified personality. Warm choices for you on this Durga Puja.”

“I am pleased to Ma Durga for giving me with a gentleman like you. Let’s become much of a joy! Happy Durga Puja!”

“Durga Puja is an event of passion, colour, and peace and my Durga Puja is also unusual because of you. I require you to use every single Durga Puja of my time among you.”

“At this particular moment, you are the original one, I hope “Celebrating Durga Puja” Durga Puja Wishes for Him”

“May ma Durga eliminates all restrictions from your idea of time. Happy Durga Puja!”

“You are the greatest asset of Maa in my presence. May Maa have you safe and sound and meet your every want. Celebrating Durga Puja.”

“It’s done a wonderful ride till immediately with the soul I like greatest in history. It’s both also serving to stay with you through each puja! Let’s greet Maa commonly once repeat!”

“It’s the moment of the time to appeal and should be fun. Let’s appeal for a more normal future collectively. Happy Durga Puja!”

Durga Puja Wishes for Her

“I hope that Maa Durga’s perfect devotion envelop you in each level of your time! Happy Durga Puja!”

“On this Durga Puja, let’s bless Maa for holding various others. Let’s create thoughts collectively and perform this celebration a passionate one.”

“This Durga Puja is also personal to me because I hold you in this Puja. May the Goddess shower us including her uncountable benefits and have us collectively forever.”

“I’ll prevent appreciating Maa for giving you in my time and getting my time marvellous. Cannot expect to employ this puja with my lady. Happy Durga Puja.”

“May this Puja produce much appreciation and delight in our world. Can’t praise Maa just for giving a wonderful and caring lover into my life. Happy Durga Puja.”

“Give your heart sound power, courage, and energy from the representation of strength, Maa Durga! Happy Durga Puja!”

“The time displays unusual with you. I beg to waste the remainder of my time with you. Hoping you a happy Durga Puja. Durga Puja Wishes for Her”

“I require to perform this Durga puja the various amazing holiday for you. I like you! Hoping you a colourful Durga puja this time!”

“Happy Durga Puja, my love! May those ten times of celebration design your time with energetic colours!”

“May this time of Durga puja be the start of a different wild and productive time for us. May God Durga rains our life with success and delight!”

“Dear, I understand the appearance of Maa Durga in you. Your strong advice and thoughtful movements address your internal energy! Happy Durga Puja to you!”

“Happy Durga Puja, love! I sincerely appeal that all your goals and hopes will remain heard against and given by Maa Durga!”

Durga Puja Messages for GF and BF

“In this beautiful moment of Durga Puja, I appeal to Goddess Durga to give you authority, energy, health, happiness, and pleasure. Hoping you a truly celebrated Durga Puja.”

“Let’s stay comfortable and greet Maa Durga inside our home including numerous festivals and Garba. May this Durga Puja and Navratri obtain the most useful of them all. Celebrating Durga Puja.”

“May Maa Durga give you and support you to enhance the larger report of yourself in the future time. Keep this Durga Puja with praise and love, passion, and unity.”

“This time, I am going to appreciate Maa Durga endlessly for making you within my time! Happy Durga Puja!”

“On this Good reading, I want Maa Durga for consistent support in our relationship and eternal passion in our hearts! May we always be collective, dear. Happy Durga Puja!”


“Happy Durga Puja to you, my sunbeams! Through the balance of Maa Durga, may we remain ready to throw all barriers that time grants us!”

“May the grace of Ma Durga advance our growth and connection. Most real goals of Durga Puja!”

“You are good from Ma Durga in my experience. Let’s gain amazing memorable romantic thoughts on this Durga Puja. Celebrating Durga Puja!”

“Maa Durga is growing following in our day behind a time; wish you approach her the most helpful as she earns and she praises you with all her grace in appearance. May you remain comfortable and well.”

Durga Puja Messages for Husband and Wife

“May ma Durga give us passion and love. Happy Durga Puja!”

“Happy Durga Puja Dear Wife! Here’s to creating also fortunate thoughts throughout our popular holiday!”

“Celebrating Durga Puja Dar Husband! Let us obvious success, comfort, and connection for both about us in the next time!”

“Never also avoiding various others through the most important holidays. This year, we are going to observe the appearance of Maa Durga as a several. Hoping you all the happiness in the season.”

“May Maa satisfy all your goals. Hoping you a pleasant Durga Pooja.”

“Maa Durga resolution remain so happy to see us collectively this season, exactly similar to the current time we lived collectively. I consider myself lucky to stay with you in each puja!”

“I believe so fortunate that I’m keeping this Durga Puja including you. Most regular Puja always! Hoping you a joyous and peaceful Durga puja! Durga Puja Messages for Husband”

“Each Durga puja has grown more pleasant because you should start my life. I wish to appeal to Maa to have you always work. Wishing you a joyous Durga puja!”

“Eternally thankful to Maa Durga for transferring you into my world. Warm choices for this Durga Puja. May you forever improve in your lifetime. Hoping you a great Durga Puja!”

Durga Puja Wishes For Friends & Family

“Transferring you and your relationship the greatest choices for Durga Puja! Experience this unique moment and appeal for all of us.”

“May the glow of this wonderful celebration wait always with you. May the endless pleasure touching each person in your household. Happy Durga puja!”

“May Maa Durga’s power shield you and your household from each disaster and repay your great feats! Happy Durga Puja!”

“On this opening of the promising Durga Puja, I appeal that you and your people stay happy and preserved!”

“I appeal to Maa Durga for your greater strength and higher capacity. Happy Durga Puja to you and your household!”

“May the constant celebration and joyful vibe meet your personality and support you have each piece of the famous carnival. Should a safe and celebrated Durga Puja among your relatives and companions. May Maa Durga give you ever and forever. Happy-Durga-Puja-to-you-and-your-family!”

“Happy Durga Puja to you and your household! May this holiday transport all pollutants from our souls!”

“I appeal that Goddess Durga defends our beautiful relationship from injuries and gives us wealth and success. Happy Durga Puja!”

“I believe Maa Durga favours you including all the great information and benefits you meet all the difficulties in time. Become a large time in one of the numerous wonderful carnivals in the universe! Happy Durga Puja.”

Durga Puja Greetings for Own Family

“The mesmerizing cadence of the Dhak suggests to me that Maa Durga is happening. I appeal that she defends our group features and favours us by her favour. Happy Durga Puja.”

“It’s a fabulous opportunity to appreciate Maa for giving me this marvellous and supportive person. May maa assist us to surmount each difficulty in our world.”

“It’s an opportunity to observe the most famous moment and have good food. I believe obliged to Maa for my house. Hoping you a beautiful Durga Puja.”

“Using this particular moment with people is a various marvellous job to do. May the Goddess back our group bonding and retains us well.”

“May Maa Durga defend our relationship and hold us safe and sound. May she exclude the restrictions from our route. Hoping you a happy and flourishing Durga Puja.”

“Maa Durga has previously given me this existence by preparing me connected with you! May she give us only with large chance and retain us well. Happy Durga Puja.”

“I sense honoured to remain a portion of such a fortunate and large people. Happy Durga Puja to you, the whole of the beautiful people alive. Durga Puja Wishes for Family”

“May Maa Durga gives us the way to everlasting love and success. May she gives us the ability to overcome the wrongs in our time!”

“May goddess Durga have us all near to any other guards our house from disaster, and enable us among the daylight of wisdom and revelation! Happy Durga Puja to all!”

“I want all my friends a wealthy year before. May Maa Durga holds us all safe from injury. May she exclude all the restrictions from our ways!”

“I sense accepted to be a member of a group so attached to their spirituality and religion. I want all of you a happy Durga puja this year!”

“Ordering all my relations a famous Durga Puja! Let’s greet Maa collectively as a group. We are so anxiously setting for your holiday to our family!”

“May the goddess Durga brightens up your approach to progress. May your home display the box of delight for all. Telling all my neighbours all the pleasure in this wonderful celebration.”

Durga Puja Text Messages

“Celebrating Durga Puja! May this holiday permit your essential decency and direct you continuously from evil!”

“The spiritual appearance of Maa Durga hitherto delivers us from our wicked actions. Happy Durga Puja!”

“The celebration of simplicity, development, and comfort visits us again! Happy Durga Puja 2021!”

“Celebrating Durga Puja! I wish that Maa Durga excludes all the restrictions in your time!”

“May Ma Durga slaughter our evil and reveal our time. Happy Durga Puja! Happy Durga Puja Wishes Picture”

“May the perfect mom will your energy and spirit. Happy Durga Puja to you all!”

“Hoping you loads of enjoyment and comfort on this Durga Puja! Happy Durga Puja!”

“I wish Maa guides you to the way of comfort. Wishing you a peaceful Durga puja.”

Funny Durga Puja Messages

“I believe you understand that including boozing and partying hard on the Durga Puja, there are also some rituals and prayers to perform. Hope you won’t need them! Celebrating Durga Puja.”

“I believe you wish to become a large experience of partying and absorbing in this Durga Puja. Now learn no more major injuries in the centre of the nighttime. Happy Durga Puja!”

“Get how we waited at your home current time when Durga Puja and your friends mourned because people couldn’t get our mischievousness? Prime to notice also accusations this time! Happy Durga Puja!”

“Remain thankful to Goddess Durga for providing you with an excellent companion similar to me! Happy Durga Puja!”

“Celebrating Durga Puja. I hope you become the common tedious time in this puja if you don’t invite me to stretch escape including you! So, invite me asap!”

“Suppose you understand that in my soul, I love you simply don’t allow to get your living hell through this Durga Puja leave. I cannot expect to reach you, my buddy. Get any warm desires of Durga Puja!”


“On this propitious season of Durga Puja, I believe you please call me and provide a match and address or more mean for your large waste! Giving you any beautiful Durga Puja wants.”

“Maa Durga comes between us simply already a time, just the ten times cross in a blink! Happy Durga Puja!

“Nice Durga Puja! Here’s to ten continuous times of feasting, clothing up, and having the customs!”

“On this propitious moment of Durga Puja, don’t overlook to appeal, keep and transfer me presents! Most real choices of Durga Puja!”

“Don’t miss an explanation on the satisfaction of Puja by studying novels and reading like a nerd. Get outside and follow the company. Happy Durga Puja to my reader friend!”

“Surrender yourself to the customs and requests, not to the board. Possess a great experience partying, not having. Hope you all are the most beneficial on this holy season!”

“There is a different experience outside the limitations you breathe in. If you want to grow out you can understand how unusual it is right immediately. Wishing you a great Durga puja!”

“May all your relatives attend your house through this puja and secure your living hell in the following times. May you grow bankrupt by purchasing several fireworks for them!”

“It’s unusual to see that some souls like you grow to keep each Durga puja every time. Their requirement has done any specific benefits for you from Maa!”

“You are so blessed to observe each Durga puja with an excellent associate like me. You should be grateful for this grant. Hope you become a fabulous experience!”

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