Happy World Egg Day Messages Wishes, and Quotes

Happy World Egg Day Messages Wishes: Happy World Egg Day is celebrated every year on the second Friday of October. This day is informed about all benefits and good health of all Eggs. This day is celebrated all about EGGS, since 1966. It is a wonderful event to sharing all World Egg Day 2021 quotes, poster messages, news, and all information with my own family and other friends.

From this day onwards you get to know the importance of Eggs and their usefulness which is useful for every human health.

World Egg Day
“Happy celebrating World Egg Day. Eggs are a good source of energy.”
Celebrated: Second Friday of October
Upcoming Date: October 14, 2022
Theme: “Eat your egg today and every day
Greeting: Happy World Egg Day
Observance: Eating eggs, making egg recipes, egg contest

Happy World Egg Day Messages, Wishes, Quotes

  1. “If you own seed on your breakfast meal, you understand that your time is working to obtain an excellent one….. Instructing you healthful snacks among loads of eggs on World Egg Day.
  2. “Make us commemorate World Egg Day by having the marvellous meals prepared to apply egg to give it the most joyful day of the time…. Delicious eggs make each life well and each abdomen fit…. Happy World Egg Day.
  3. “World Egg Day is a delightful reminder to every individual of us to produce certain that we consume eggs in our breakfasts to live healthily and be happily…… Giving you the most desirable choices on World Egg Day.
  4. “World Egg Day reveals the passion for seeds and allows us to make it a great time by having eggs in various designs and foods for a healthful holiday…. Give it egg time!!!
  5. “While you speak regarding real well-being and healthful nutrition, you are applying to eggs because others surely obtain a full and heavy diet for every item of us…. Happy World Egg Day.
  6. “Both advance the most active, most delicious and the freshest breakfast….. They are the cutesy small eggs that we all like….. Giving my fervent hopes to you on World Egg Day.
  7. “They are the purpose for the feathery cubes….. others perform the most delightful breakfast…. They advance a delicious protein food….. At World Egg Day, let’s comfort with EGGS!!!
  8. “On World Egg Day, we praise the honesty that eggs produce into our times and the joy they settled on our features with their excellent flavour….. Happy World Egg Day.
  9. “The greatest concern around eggs is that you can bake them in the direction you need them and explore including them to design foods that assure a healthful snack…. Most genuine choices on World Egg Day.
  10. “If you own eggs in your fridge, you understand you are regularly filed because you have good food choices to hold your tummy stuffed and flavour buds well…. Happy World Egg Day to you.

National Egg Day Quotes

  • “Today October 8 is World Egg Day 2021. Include eggs in your daily diet and live a healthy life.”
  • “Happy celebrating World Egg Day. Eggs are a good source of energy.”
  • “On World Egg Day, let’s appreciate the importance of eggs in our daily lives.”
  • “A day without an argument is like an egg without salt.” ~ Angela Carter
  • “Nothing helps scenery like bacon and eggs.” ~ Mark Twain
  • “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” ~ Miguel de Cervantes
  • “The egg can be your best friend if you just give it the right break” ~ Julia Child
  • “A hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg.” ~ Samuel Butler
  • “Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg.” ~ Aesop
  • “If I have to lay an egg for my country, I’ll do it.” ~ Bob Hope
  • “Eggs are a rich source of protein, rich in Omega-3, and good for bones and brain health. Wishing you all – a very Happy Egg Day!”
  • “Eggs are important for human nutrition. Love eggs, eat eggs, and enjoy eggs.”


Happy World Egg Day is a very beautiful and informative day about eggs. Its information giving us the way of greetings, messages, and other websites on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Whatsapp, and another social site. This day is giving us more information about the healthy breakfast and other foods which make with eggs.

Healthy food becomes a human more healthy. And most people use eggs for breakfast. Eggs are very rich in proteins, other benefits of eggs have good for human’s health. You can read this information for all good health of eggs for your own family and other friends. Best wishes for Happy World Egg Day.

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