Is Friday Health Plans Good?

Friday is an insurer that aims to be low-cost in its markets. It’s a small company and not nearly as large as some of the other major insurers. It offers plans in large North Carolina counties such as Buncombe, Henderson, Pitt, and Watauga. Its CEO Sal Gentile answered questions via email.


The ACA, or the Affordable Care Act, made it easier for individuals to purchase health insurance. As a result, new companies like Friday Health Plans were launched that cater to the needs of this new market. The goal is to create a plan that’s both customer-centric and wallet-friendly.

Friday Health Plans was founded in 2015 by Sal Gentile and David Pinkert and has expanded into multiple states. Its goal is to make health insurance accessible to consumers who are self-employed and do not have an employer plan. The company emphasizes customer service and smart technology to help consumers find the health plan that’s right for them. The company currently has about 15,000 members, and features innovative services such as $0 telehealth visits.


If you’re looking for a health insurance provider that offers Friday health plans, you’ve come to the right place. Beginning November 1, people in 20 counties in Georgia can begin signing up. These include major cities like Atlanta and Athens. These plans have contracts with many doctors, including primary care physicians, specialists, and urgent care centers.

Friday plans are compliant with the Affordable Care Act, and provide a low cost alternative for consumers. They also offer popular no-cost benefits, including unlimited primary care visits and mental health counseling sessions, free annual vision checkups, and thousands of preferred generic drugs. In addition to this, the companies’ low-cost plans are eligible for expanded subsidies provided by the American Rescue Plan Act.

Friday Health Plans offer a comprehensive network of providers. To find a doctor, just go to their website and choose the type of physician you want to see. Once you have selected the type of physician, you can then select your state and search for providers. There are even formularies for prescriptions.

Easy to cancel

If you’re looking for health insurance, Friday has several plans you may want to consider. These plans are affordable and focus on overall simplicity. Each plan has a bronze, silver, gold, or catastrophic tier, so they can’t be too expensive. Many benefits are included with a Friday plan, including $0 primary care visits and access to thousands of preferred generic drugs. You can also get unlimited visits to your primary care physician and mental health specialist.

The company started as a health plan for those without employer-sponsored coverage, but it has since expanded to seven Texas counties and 185 counties throughout the United States. The company has more than 300 employees nationwide, and its health plans comply with the Affordable Care Act. They also provide financial aid for those who qualify.

Friday Health Plans has been growing rapidly, and the company’s employees are enthusiastic about their work. They work together as a team, and the atmosphere is laid-back and easy-going.

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