LynTec Narrow Profile Circuit Breaker Panels

LynTec is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of circuit breaker panels and power distribution equipment. Their products are well regarded for their reliability and ease of use. These products have a variety of features, including narrow profile panelboards, Web-enabled circuit control, and safety standards.

Remote control breaker panels

LynTec’s Remote Control Breaker Panels (RPC) offers several benefits. Not only do they provide electrical on/off control, but they also save wall space and reduce installation costs. They are easy to program and can be controlled with an app or via the web.

Unlike a conventional relay panel, LynTec RPC panels have circuit protection and on/off control in the same enclosure. That means a single panel can handle 30 to 84 positions. Plus, they can be wired using plug-on control bus strips that make wiring easier.

The RPC breaker panels are based on Squared’s G3 Powerlink hardware platform. This eliminates the need for custom-designed products. It makes it easy for integrators to configure a remote breaker panel.

RPC panels come with a built-in Web server, enabling users to customize and control the panel from a computer or laptop. There are multiple control options, including RS-232, Telnet, DMX, and IP browser. Using these options, you can program the panels for optimal power management.

Narrow profile panelboards

LynTec is a leading manufacturer of innovative power control solutions for the professional audio, video, and lighting industries. They manufacture panels that are the perfect blend of functionality and form. Their narrow-profile panels are designed to provide the optimum power control solution in limited spaces. They are compatible with NPAC multi-circuit rackmount units and RPC remote control breaker panels. A few notable features of LynTec’s Narrow Profile Panels include the following.

The company is also a leader in the LED lighting market. In fact, it is the company that operates the rooftop lighting of the One World Trade Center in New York. Its mission is to provide space saving power control solutions for the professional audio, video, and lighting industries.

At LDI 2022, the company will be demonstrating its latest and greatest in the narrowed and expanded vertical of its existing line of products. You can expect the best of LynTec at their booth 2335. As part of the exhibit, the company will be showcasing their new Lighting Control Panel, RPC Remote Control Breaker Panel, and more.

Web-enabled circuit control

LynTec is an audio visual technology company that is focused on providing reliable and safe power control. Their products include motorized branch circuit breaker panels, which offer electrical protection and on/off control. This type of control is used by AV engineers to ensure that their equipment runs properly.

These circuit breakers are designed to meet a wide range of application needs. With a LynTec system, users can choose between a single panel or a multi-panel system. They can also control the panels remotely, using a web-browser interface.

LynTec is an industry leader in AC power sequencing. Their systems are used in large performing arts centers, high school gyms, and NHL arenas.

In addition to offering a range of motorized circuit breaker panels, LynTec is committed to helping the public understand how smart systems work. Users can receive alert notifications via text or email and can troubleshoot their system remotely.

The LynTec RPC family of power-control options include a rack-mount relay panel, a motorized circuit breaker panel, and a remote panel. Each of these products features a powerful controller and an on-board web server.

Safety standards

LynTec is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative electrical power control solutions. They are aware of the dangers of electrical hazards and take them seriously. Their products follow all safety standards, codes, and regulations.

Their Remote Power Controller family is tested by Intertek, a worldwide inspection company. With more than 130 years of experience, Intertek helps to reduce health and safety risks. Moreover, the company tests products for fire hazards. In addition to that, they provide training, educational materials, and grants to promote safety.

The company works closely with LynTec to ensure quality and safety. For instance, they work with educational customers, government agencies, and corporate clients to install and maintain complex audiovisual systems. This makes them a reliable provider of high quality lighting controls. Aside from that, their isolated technical ground bar helps to eliminate electrical noise, which improves the performance of sound systems.

Their plug-on control bus strips make wiring a breeze. They also have contact closure inputs for wall-switch operation. Besides that, their RPC Series Panel is the most advanced self-contained, controllable breaker panel. It is based on the Square D G3 Powerlink hardware platform, which allows users to monitor and control the system remotely.

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